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  • San Carlos Cave In Cagayan

    San Carlos Cave In Cagayan

    Cagayan, certainly, has lots of exciting things to offer. It is definitely a haven for the adventurous souls. If our Callao Cave adventure did not satisfy you, then this surely will. The exploration of San Carlos Cave unquestionably topped our list of must-do's in Cagayan.

    Like the Callao Cave, it is also located in the town of Penablanca. Travel time is around 40-45 minutes from Tuguegarao Airport. San Carlos Cave is only one of the 300+ caves in Penablanca and is definitely the most challenging. To conquer it, one must walk barefooted in knee-deep mud, crawl in narrow, muddy, and spiked c ...

  • Anguib Beach In Cagayan

    Anguib Beach In Cagayan

    According to the locals, Anguib Beach is the most beautiful beach in Sta. Ana, so it was definitely a must-see for us! Another pride of San Vicente, it is a white sand beach with pristine blue waters. It is also considered as 'Boracay of the North.'

    While on the boat going there, we saw beautiful corals peeking through the clear waters hence it is a great spot for scuba diving or snorkeling. Water sports like jet skiing and motor-boating are also some of the activities near the beach.

    This is our third and last destination for the island hopping. Please check out our Palaui Island and C ...

  • Cruising At Pinacanauan River

    Cruising At Pinacanauan River located in Penablanca, Cagayan.