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  • Rare Turtle Caught Off Aparri Freed PHL Coast Guard

    A rare turtle was accidentally caught by fishermen over the weekend off Aparri but was released over the weekend, the Philippine Coast Guard said Saturday.

    In a report posted on its website Saturday evening, the Coast Guard said the green turtle got caught in a fishnet off Dodan village in Aparri Friday.

    The fishermen informed a team from the Coast Guard Northeastern Luzon unit of the incident, and that the turtle was "unintentionally" caught.

    The turtle measured 43 by 38 inches, the Coast Guard added.

    A team was sent to coordinate with the local Department of Environment and Natur ...

  • Callao Caves The Well-kept Secret Mecca Among Trekkers And Lovers

    Adventurous couples seeking a unique and truly memorable place to commune with each other, with nature and with God will appreciate visiting the famous Callao caves in Peñablanca, Cagayan.

    Mere minutes away from the sweltering city center of Tuguegarao, the seven-chamber massive tunnel is situated in the western foothills of the Northern Sierra Madre mountains. With natural crevices that let in streams of light, the cavernous space is illuminated by an ethereal glow. One of the bigger chambers near the entrance has been turned into a chapel, where an altar has been placed right below a nat ...

  • Exploring Cagayans Callao Cave

    The young tour guide, a boy of 12, pointed to a cacophony of rock formations that dotted the various chambers of the Callao Cave.

    Surprisingly, the kid blurted memorized information of some interesting bits of trivia regarding the cave and its surroundings.

    We could only stare in amazement at the Column, Chapel, Skeleton, Elephant's Head, Praying Angel, Rocket, Lion's Head and Dog's Head formations that appeared as we ventured deeper into the cave.

    A familiar site as one enters the cave is the man-made chapel that has somehow become the tourism icon of Cagayan. The chapel, exaggerated ...