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  • Circadian Flight Of Bats

    Watching Circadian Flights at Cagayan Valley.

  • Circadian Bat Flights Over Pinacanauan R

    I had a hard time pronouncing Pinacanauan River that when I told a friend about it I just described it to her as "Like a scene out of a Stephen King novel where the bats flew out of the cave, millions of them covering the dusk sky with darkness".

    Pinacanauan River is a part of the Cagayan River or what they call as "tributary" which flows along Penablanca in Cagayan. It is a few steps away from Callao Caves and along the ebb and the flow of the river a number of other cave systems can be found.

    Tired and restless from the long trip to Tuguegarao, it didn't mattered, because if you ask me ...

  • Cagayan Philippines Circadian Flight Of

    Circadian flight of bats at Callao Caves Tourist Zone Cagayan, Philippines.