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  • Bahay Paniki Cave

    Bahay Paniki Cave

    The Bahay Paniki Cave (House of Bats) is located 300 meters south of the Aguinaldo Cave. This par of the National Park is not easy to penetrate due to some sharp and slippery stones. Since the area is composed of plants, it serves as the home of some poisonous snakes, scorpions and insects. Look at the photo on the left, that's how the entrance looks like. The opening is really enormous and surrounded by huge boulders. The trees and some plants already created their own group in the mouth of the cave. I was standing few meters from the mouth, but I actually smell something I couldn't re ...

  • First Caving Experience In Biak-na-Bato Bulacan

    First Caving Experience In Biak-na-Bato Bulacan

    Who can ever forget their firsts?

    First trip abroad?
    First boyfriend?
    First kiss?
    First love?

    It is memorable, isn't it? Like you can actually go back to that particular day/time/moment in an instant and still remember every bits and details of it.

    To a wildlife biologist, one of the most memorable things/experience/encounters is when he/she explored a "new realm". I've experienced a lot of 'firsts' in different forests, seas, and reserves, but nothing beats the first time I ever been in a cave; it was like I was brought into a different world.

    It was the 11th of December 2010.

  • Adventure At Biak-na-Bato National Park

    Adventure At Biak-na-Bato National Park

    We scheduled a shoot at Biak-na-Bato National Park. I was with friend Dino, newly-acquainted Lloyd, and the chauffer, Kuya Ramil. Riding in Dino's Crosswind, we went to San Miguel, Bulacan, as early as 5 o' clock in the morning.

    The purpose of the visit is to have video-shoot in regard of Dino's upcoming thesis defense the next week. At first, I thought the weather won't be that nice, but later on, it was fine. Since it's early, we were asleep in the almost two-hour journey. When we got to the site, we prepared the materials we'll be needing and waited for the perfect time to start rolling ...