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  • Pamper Time At San Rafael River Adventure

    Who would've known that a place like this exists in nearby San Rafael, Bulacan? Relatively new at two years, San Rafael River Adventure perfectly combines a soothing stay with adventurous activities which I and some of my friends enjoyed to the fullest when we stayed here for two nights one November weekend.

    We were supposed to arrive early Saturday evening. Travel time to the resort is roughly just two hours from Manila but the unexpected travel time (there was some road constructions going on in either the town of Plaridel or Sta. Rita that time) of nearly four hours caused us to arrive a ...

  • San Rafael River Adventure A Lush Sanctuary In Bulacan

    If I were to describe my stay at San Rafael River Adventure (SRRA), it would be a safe haven. Imagine waking up inside a glass cottage, amidst a garden filled with trees and greeneries, and a gorgeous view of Angat River. You'd want nothing more than to stay and to experience the calmness that the horizon brings, as you embrace its enchanting setting. Truly, this lush sanctuary in Bulacan is an ideal place for that much needed rest and relaxation.


    The Bulacan resort in San Rafael is accessible via private car or public transport. If you're commuting, you can take ...

  • A Bulacan Adventure Of Angat River Glamping And Malangaan Cave And Spring

    Bulacan is often off the tourist map. Although known to still have pockets of bucolic life, it's fast becoming industrialized. Since it's located next to Metro Manila, it's where a getaway is perceived to be nothing different from having a staycation in a progressive city. For the longest time, it's only been associated with heritage houses and native delicacies. What many don't know is that the clean Angat River flows through some of its towns and the foothills of Sierra Madre are just nearby. That combo alone makes for a game-changing weekend that doesn't require a painful commute or drive. ...