San Rafael River Adventure

San Rafael, Bulacan

San Rafael River Adventure is located in Barangay Talacsan in San Rafael, Bulacan.

San Rafael River Adventure News

  • San Rafael River Adventure Aqua Fun Day Tour

    San Rafael River Adventure Aqua Fun Day Tour

    Bulacan continues to unfold as we continue our Lakbay Norte 7 trip from Malolos Historic Town Center. Riding up about one and a half hour north, we reached the banks of the snaking Angat River also knows as the Bulacan River for the San Rafael River Adventure (SRRA). This lush resort by the river resort has a tranquil laid back atmosphere with facilities. The breeze was cool and comforting, the surrounding still and quiet. Yet those who want some adrenaline rush can choose a slew of activities the resort offers.

  • Glamping With A Twist At San Rafael River Adventure

    Leaving your work and relaxing somewhere is the perfect way of spending your rest days, agree? But where is that "somewhere?" and "how?" I want to share another stunning tourist attraction and destination in Bulacan, just two to three hours travel from Manila. What we experienced was "glamping" or glamorous camping which is the newest way of distressing. With that in mind, San Rafael River Adventure can give you a remarkable experience; from the gorgeous surrounding, relaxing ambiance, water activities, and excellent amenities.

  • Quick Trip To San Rafael River Adventure

    Quick Trip To San Rafael River Adventure

    Located at Barangay Talacsan, San Rafael, Bulacan, San Rafael River Adventure provides a quiet and relaxing get-away in Northern Metro Manila.

    My friends and I were looking for a quick trip when we chanced upon San Rafael River Adventure. After reading the reviews on some websites and blogs, we decided to give San Rafael River Adventure a try. So what are the things you can do at this increasingly popular spot?

    Book a day tour or an overnight stay

    Since this trip was rather spontaneous and fell on a holiday, most of the accommodations were already fully booked. Thankfully, Sheila was ...

  • San Rafael River Adventure A Haven In The Heart Of Bulacan

    San Rafael River Adventure A Haven In The Heart Of Bulacan

    We were caught in a heavy flow of traffic along AH26 going to Baliwag, Bulacan. It took us four long hours to arrive in the jump off city going to San Rafael River Adventure. We arrive almost midnight and our tummy were shouting for food. Good thing though the food was almost right in front of us when we arrive. No time for night stroll. We all prepared for the next big thing the in the morning.

    When I woke up the next day, I was greeted not by the staff but by a green foliage outside our glasshouse. The melody of the words singing was so inviting that I went outside. I stepped some more an ...

  • Pamper Time At San Rafael River Adventure

    Pamper Time At San Rafael River Adventure

    Who would've known that a place like this exists in nearby San Rafael, Bulacan? Relatively new at two years, San Rafael River Adventure perfectly combines a soothing stay with adventurous activities which I and some of my friends enjoyed to the fullest when we stayed here for two nights one November weekend.

    We were supposed to arrive early Saturday evening. Travel time to the resort is roughly just two hours from Manila but the unexpected travel time (there was some road constructions going on in either the town of Plaridel or Sta. Rita that time) of nearly four hours caused us to arrive a ...

  • San Rafael River Adventure A Lush Sanctuary In Bulacan

    San Rafael River Adventure A Lush Sanctuary In Bulacan

    If I were to describe my stay at San Rafael River Adventure (SRRA), it would be a safe haven. Imagine waking up inside a glass cottage, amidst a garden filled with trees and greeneries, and a gorgeous view of Angat River. You'd want nothing more than to stay and to experience the calmness that the horizon brings, as you embrace its enchanting setting. Truly, this lush sanctuary in Bulacan is an ideal place for that much needed rest and relaxation.


    The Bulacan resort in San Rafael is accessible via private car or public transport. If you're commuting, you can take ...