Mount Manalmon

San Miguel, Bulacan

Mt. Manalmon is a great place for budding adventurers and seasoned hikers alike. The mountain has an elevation of 196 masl and it is located in the province of San Miguel, Bulacan. Mt. Manalmon is a part of the historical Biak-Na-Bato National Park, which is where Emilio Aguinaldo established the Biak-Na-Bato Republic ??" formally known as the first Republic of the Philippines.

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e of the many nearby attractions that can be enjoyed here include going to a number of interesting caves such as Madlum Cave and Bayukbok Caves. You can also witness the amazing rock formations found in Madlum River. There's a lot to see and experience here that are just perfect for any mountaineer.

Mt. Manalmon is an ideal getaway to any outdoor enthusiasts looking for an easy day trip. If you want a destination that has historical value coupled with adventure and great landscapes, then Mt. Manalmon is a perfect choice.

Mount Manalmon News

  • Mts Manalmon And Gola

    Mts Manalmon And Gola

    If you are new to climbing, Mts. Manalmon and Gola should be on your list. It is definitely perfect for beginner and you can climb the two mountains in one day just like what we did. These mountains offers different view from the usual you have in Rizal. Though I always believe that all mountains are different.

  • My Hiking Guide At Mt Manalmon

    My Hiking Guide At Mt Manalmon

    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

    Hiking is a great way to spend time outside, get some exercise and explore beautiful outdoor locations.

  • Beginners Climb Mt Gola Mt Manalmon Twin Hike Travelicious

    Beginners Climb Mt Gola Mt Manalmon Twin Hike Travelicious

    Always wanted to try mountaineering but afraid the climb will be too difficult? Take it easy and don't worry Mt. Gola and Mt. Manalmon is a good starting point for you. Located at Sitio Madlum in San Miguel, Bulacan that is a few hours away from Metro Manila, the Philippines' capital. It is an ideal beginner's day hike. Reconnect with nature while going on an adventure cause aside from hiking, Sitio Madlum also offers a variety of activities such as spelunking, river swimming, and monkey bridge crossing.

    How To Get There?

    To get there, you can take a bus in either FiveStar, Baliwag Tran ...

  • Mt Manalmon And Mt Gola Twin Hike Adventure

    Video montage of our hiking trip. Everything was shot on SJCam M20.

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    Music: RÆVE - Firefly

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  • A Day Well Spent At Mount Manalmon

    A Day Well Spent At Mount Manalmon

    A year ago, I lived together with my friend, my sister. Our location is pretty strategic as it is near our workplace. It also gave us the opportunity to bond in and out of the house. One of them is hiking. We once went together for a dayhike in Mt. Batulao and our last one was Mt. Manalmon.

    It was months ago when she invited me for a day tour in Mt. Manalmon. We went together with her colleagues and friends. I was uneasy at first since I might get out of place, but I went because I haven't been in a mountain for months.

    We stepped out at 3:30 AM to go to a bus station in Cubao. It's stil ...

  • Mt Manalmon And Bayukbok Cave Monkey Bridge

    Mt Manalmon And Bayukbok Cave Monkey Bridge

    This hike is pretty close to home ??"literally. Mt. Manalmon is in the same town where I grew up. It is located at Sitio Madlum, under Brgy. Sibul's jurisdiction where I graduated high school. Although I haven't been to Manalmon before, it still feels like I'm within my home turf.

    The event this time is a pretty big deal for the club I am in. It was organized not only for the members but was also opened to all employees who are ready to try out some basic hiking and caving activities. I believe there were more than 60 participants; quite a lot compared to our usual group of 20+.

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