Mount Gola

San Miguel, Bulacan

Mount Gola is located in Barangay Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan. This mountain is a part of Sierra Mountain Range and known as the counterpart of Mt. Manalmon. Mt. Gola peak is used by guerillas figthing the japanese invasion army as camp and watch tower, a vantage point in spotting the approaching Japanese troops. Today the place is a part of Biak na Bato National Park.

Mount Gola News

  • Hiking Mt Gola With A Kid (San Miguel Bulacan)

    Hiking Mt Gola With A Kid (San Miguel Bulacan)

    This trek was nearly postponed. I crammed work till 2:45 am and was dead tired. But by 6:30 am, Lia woke me up, saying she wants to hike. I asked her thrice if she really wants to, hoping she'd say no. Every time, she said yes.

  • Mt Manalmon And Mt Gola Twin Hike Adventure

    Video montage of our hiking trip. Everything was shot on SJCam M20.

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    Music: RÆVE - Firefly

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  • Mount Gola A Trek To Remember In San Miguel Bulacan

    Mount Gola A Trek To Remember In San Miguel Bulacan

    Mt. Gola is also located at Sitio Madlum in Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan. Most of the tourists or mountaineers who have visited the place opted to try the twin day hike, Mt. Manalmon + Mt. Gola. However, if it's your first time to this type of outdoor adventure ??" better try the Mt. Manalmon first then go back in another day to try Mt. Gola.

    Some climbers say that it's almost the same level as Mt. Manalmon but based on my experience ??" it's a little bit harder.

    How to Get There

    Refer to Mt. Manalmon + Mt. Gola + Sidetrip DIY Guide for the detailed guide on how to get there, expe ...

  • Mount Manalmon Hiking Adventure In San Miguel Bulacan

    Mount Manalmon Hiking Adventure In San Miguel Bulacan

    Mt. Manalmon (196 + MASL) located at sitio Madlum in Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan is highly recommended especially for beginners. It belongs to trail class 1-2 with 2/9 level of difficulty, minor climb only. Mt. Manalmon day hike is one of the activities you can enjoy in the historical Biak-na-Bato national park for almost 1-hour hike passing through natural trails, cave, river and wonderful rock formations.

    How to Get There

    Mt. Manalmon is just 2-3 hours away from Metro Manila. Take a bus from Cubao Terminal either Five Star, Baliwag, or ES Transport going to Gapan/San Miguel. Your ...

  • Mount Tagapo Rizal 438-Masl

    Mount Tagapo Rizal 438-Masl

    Located in the heart of Laguna de Bay, Mt. Tagapo, or Bundok ng Susong Dalaga as locally referred to, is the highest point of Talim Island. Being volcanic in origin, the peak forms part of the southwestern rim of the Laguna Caldera, an ancient massive volcano whose eruptions created the central lobe of the present-day Laguna Lake. Under the jurisdiction of the towns of Binangonan and Cardona in Rizal province, Talim Island is easily accessible from Manila via several jeep and UV express vans that ply the route from Shaw Boulevard and Cubao to Binangonan and then through a ferry ride via the la ...

  • Mt Manalmon And Gola Hike December 2016

    Mount Manalmon and Mount Gola Hike last December 23, 2016 located in San Miguel, Bulacan.