Mount Balagbag

Norzagaray, Bulacan

Being part of the Sierra Madre range, Mt. Balagbag boasts its location that is quite recognisable. At over 700 MASL, Mt. Balagbag stands in the middle of Central and Southern Luzon and boasts a summit that offers a spectacular view of different horizons: From Malabon stretching to Manila and Makati's cityline and extending as far as ParaƱaque and Baywalk.

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avourite not only of hikers but also mountain bikers not only because of its proximity to the Metro but also because it is a place where hikers and mountain bikers can have fun altogether. The trail is one of the easiest trails that one can try before trying out other mountains that require expert mountain climbing skills. One can hike and mountain bike up to the summit of Mt. Balagbag to get a glimpse of the marvellous mountain range that it has. The peak of the mountain is another plus factor why mountain bikers consider the mountain as one of their favourites. At the peak of the mountain is where the "helipad" can be seen. A helipad at the peak of a mountain is literally like a helipad where helos can easily land.

Mt. Balagbag doesn't only boast its mountain range but also the infinity-like waterfalls and rivers that pave way for the possibility to traverse to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan or other barangays of Rodriguez, Rizal. If you want to share your life outdoors then Mt. Balagbag is your first step in doing so.

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  • Mt Balagbag A Quick Travel Guide For Hikers

    Mt Balagbag A Quick Travel Guide For Hikers

    One of the more popular local hiking destinations thats just one and a half hour away from the city, Mt. Balagbag is well recommended for beginners because of its easy and wide trail. It is part of the Sierra Madre mountain range that offers a surreal view of some parts of Makati and the rest of Metro Manila.

  • Mt Balagbag: DIY Day Hike Guide Budget Itinerary Useful Tips For Beginners

    Mt Balagbag: DIY Day Hike Guide Budget Itinerary Useful Tips For Beginners

    When I initially got interested in hiking mountains, my first thought was if Im even a cut for it. I have weak lungs. Im overweight. I cant carry heavy packs due to my spine stricken with scoliosis. Im definitely a loser and a 5-year old could easily give me a run for my money. I didnt have any friends who were into hiking at the time. Among my peers I was the only fool who dreams about what its like to be atop a mountain peak. And it was at the time a norm. Mountain climbing didnt seem to fit in the lives of our generation. Finding someone with the same silly thought as I was nearly impossib ...

  • Mt Balagbag Rodriguez Rizal

    Did you know: Local industries in the communities in Mt. Balagbag include making of walis-tambo, made of tambo grass, among others.

  • 230 Pesos Hiking Guide To Mt Balagbag 2017

    230 Pesos Hiking Guide To Mt Balagbag 2017

    Location: Licao-licao, Rodriguez, Rizal
    Elevation: 777+ MASL
    Difficulty: 3/9
    Guide: Not Required

    It was a one fine saturday morning when I decided to visit Mt. Balagbag located at Licao-licao, Rodriguez Rizal. At first, I was hesitant because that was my first time to hike a mountain alone but my adventurous spirit told me that I can do it even if it is just me. So I packed my things in a hurry and just like a one click of the remote control to change the channel of the TV, I was there standing at the jeepney terminal bound to Licao-licao where my climb to the summit of Mt. Balagbag will ...

  • Mount Lagyo Rizal 386 MASL

    Mount Lagyo Rizal 386 MASL

    Recently opened on the last week of January, Mt. Lagyo together with Mts. Parawagan, Susong Dalaga and Kapananan are the newest attractions of Sitio Wawa in Brgy. San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal. Located southwest of the Wawa River, Mt. Lagyo can clearly be seen on the summits of Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi. From the summits of these mountains Mt. Lagyo rises modestly at just around 386 MASL. Although dwarfed by its more well-known neighbors in terms of altitude, Mt. Lagyo presents its own challenges and difficulties even seasoned hikers would certainly appreciate.

    Sinc ...

  • Mount Tagapo Rizal 438-Masl

    Mount Tagapo Rizal 438-Masl

    Located in the heart of Laguna de Bay, Mt. Tagapo, or Bundok ng Susong Dalaga as locally referred to, is the highest point of Talim Island. Being volcanic in origin, the peak forms part of the southwestern rim of the Laguna Caldera, an ancient massive volcano whose eruptions created the central lobe of the present-day Laguna Lake. Under the jurisdiction of the towns of Binangonan and Cardona in Rizal province, Talim Island is easily accessible from Manila via several jeep and UV express vans that ply the route from Shaw Boulevard and Cubao to Binangonan and then through a ferry ride via the la ...