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  • Guiguinto Celebrates 100 Years In 16th Halamanan Festival

    Crowded places and tight traffic succumbed through the streets of the municipality of Guiguinto as it celebrated its annual Halamanan Festival, January 21-23, Guiguinto.

    Opening rites for the festival was held at the quadrangle of the municipal hall, with veteran actress Susan Roces serving as one of its guests during the ceremony. The event also coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Guiguinto Foundation.

    Celebration continued on with the traditional Indakan sa Kalye featuring different participants from barangays in Guiguinto. Indakan sa Kalye was considered as the grand street da ...

  • Halamanan Festival Guiguinto Bulacan

    Halamanan Festival Guiguinto Bulacan

    "In the day you will make your plant to grow,And in the morning you will make your seed to flourish." Isaiah 17:11.

    This was actually my first blog entry and I was thinking about what should I share to the public specially to other country. But in my entry today, one word came up to my mind and that was "NATURE". I'm a typical person who likes to capture some scenery though I do have a 2-3 megapixel camera or an unstylish phone whatever maybe just to take some good pictures.

    I want you all to see how great that even in a small spaces of lots here in Guiguinto, Bulacan, There are so many ...

  • Halamanan Festival

    Dahil sa mayabong na industriya ng paghahalaman sa Guiguinto, Bulacan nabuo ang Halamanan Festival. Nakiisa sa kanilang pagdiriwang sa Unang Hirit.

  • Welcome To Halamanan Festival

    Welcome To Halamanan Festival

    Established in the year 1999 by Mayor Ambrosio Cruz, Jr., the Halamanan Festival has since ecome the brand of the Municipality of Guiguinto.

    It is celebrated to give gratitude and recognition to Guiguinto's dear patron, St. Ildefonso, that is held every 23rd of January.

    It is considered that grand Street Dancing Festival, the participation of dancers from the school and village of Guiguinto and be in different towns of Bulacan.

    They adorned the garments as flowers and more. Besides the celebration for the feast of San Ildefonso was also a means to further pitting and display capabilit ...

  • Guiguinto Celebrates Halamanan Festival

    All roads lead to this town as it celebrates the biggest Halamanan festival in eight years and the towns 92nd founding anniversary today.

    "We will have a more colorful celebration this year," Mayor Ambrosio Cruz said in an interview yesterday.

    Cruz said that when he started the Halamanan festival eight years ago, many residents though it was just a political ploy. But the festival has boosted the struggling ornamental plants industry here.

    "Stakeholders in the ornamental plant industry recognized our move to help improve their industry by promoting it and by positioning our town as th ...

  • The Halamanan Festival In Bulacan Is A Celebration Of Plants Flowers And Trees

    The Halamanan Festival In Bulacan Is A Celebration Of Plants Flowers And Trees

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