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  • Pagoda Festival 2014  Para Sa Mahal Na Poon Ng Krus Ng Wawa

    Pagoda Festival 2014 Para Sa Mahal Na Poon Ng Krus Ng Wawa

    Noong unang Linggo ng Hulyo taong 1850. May nakitang lumulutang na krus sa bunganga ng Bocaue River o mas kilala noon na Wawang Capiz. Hinango ang krus ng isang mangingisda at ito'y dinala sa kanyang kubo hanggang maisipan ng mangingisda na ibahagi ang biyaya ng pagkakakita sa krus at ipinasyang dasalan ang krus ng may isang taon hanggang napagkasunduang iparada sa ilog na nakalagay sa isang malaking Bangka.

    Ito rin naman ay pinaliligiran ng mga maliliit na Bangka upang mas marami ang makidiwang sa prusisyong ito.

    Pinaniniwalaang ang itim na krus ang siyang nagdadala ng kasaganaan ng a ...

  • Thousands Join Bocaue Fluvial Festival

    The grandeur of an old tradition is back at the Bocaue river.

    In a strong show of faith, thousands of people flocked to the Bocaue river here as they celebrated the feast day of the venerated "Mahal na Poon ng Krus sa Wawa" in a much safer and colorful fluvial rites on Sunday.

    "It is colorful again and the devotion and love to the patron can be felt again," said newsman Ramon Lazaro, a native of this town.

    He said that the nine straight nights of novena and prayers was completed without any untoward incident because of the good coordination of the organizers, the local parish of St. M ...

  • Mahal Na Poon Ng Krus Ng Wawa Pagoda Festival Bocaue

    Mahal Na Poon Ng Krus Ng Wawa Pagoda Festival Bocaue

    It wasn't my first time, but it still feels like so. As I look around me, the festivity shows.

    I bask on the warmth of faith of everyone, remarkable, outstanding comparable to none.

    The proud spectacle of a crown like beauty embodies the joyous feelings of everybody. As I took in the unbelievable display of devotion,.My mind began to formulate some little questions.

    A devotion backed up with a tragic story. Has undeniably captivated me. And as I send myself to sleep tonight,. I hope that I have finally seen the light.

    The Fiesta ng Mahal na Poon ng Krus ng Wawa is celebrated by the ...

  • Bocaue Fluvial Festival Pushes Through Despite Rains

    The fluvial procession capping the Pista ng Mahal na Krus sa Wawa (Feast of the Beloved Cross at Wawa) revived just a year ago after a 20 year hiatus owing to an accident 22 years ago pushed through Sunday despite rains brought by storm "Egay."

    Organizers said strict safety rules and security measures were in force to ensure no untoward incident. The procession started in Barangay Bambang, with the centerpiece "Pagoda" floating down the Wawa River with colorfully decorated bancas as escorts.

    As overloading was seen as the cause of the accident that claimed 300 lives in 1993, only 200 dev ...

  • Pagoda Festival Sails On In Bocaue

    The town of Bocaue in the province of Bulacan recently celebrated the fluvial Bocaue Pagoda Festival, the Pagoda sa Wawa, which annually commemorates the discovery of the miraculous cross floating on the Bocaue River some 200 years ago.

    During the Bocaue Pagoda Festival, a replica of the cross on which Jesus was crucified is paraded on a pagoda prettified with splendid t trimmings and guided by colorful bancas. Hundreds attend the procession for a nine-day novena, during which they feast and celebrate the legendary rescue of the Holy Cross from the Bocaue River. As with most, if not all, Fi ...

  • Safer Bocaue Fluvial Parade Draws Thousands Of Devotees

    Safer Bocaue Fluvial Parade Draws Thousands Of Devotees

    In a display of strong religious faith, thousands of people from Central Luzon and Metro Manila flocked yesterday to the Bocaue river to participate in the annual celebration of the feast day of the venerated "Mahal na Poon ng Krus sa Wawa" in much safer and colorful fluvial rites.

    The fluvial parade featuring a three-tiered floating pagoda was revived 21 years after tragedy struck the religious gathering, killing more than 200 devotees.

    There were huge smiles all around as the celebration turned out to be completely marvelous after 21 years," said Ramon Lazaro, a native of this town.