Bayukbok Cave

San Miguel, Bulacan

Bayukbok Cave is located in Sitio Madlum, Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan. Located at sitio Madlum, Brgy., Sibul in San Miguel Bulacan, and only about 7.5 kms. from San Miguel town proper, this cave may be reached by any motor vehicle and hiking.

Madlum river is adjacent to the cave. Schools of shrimps and biya, a species of fauna are found on the river, while insectivorous bat an ...

d few stalactites and stalagmites formation are found inside. This cave is recommended for inexperienced cavers because of its high tourism value.

Bayukbok Cave News

  • Beginners Climb Mt Gola Mt Manalmon Twin Hike Travelicious

    Beginners Climb Mt Gola Mt Manalmon Twin Hike Travelicious

    Always wanted to try mountaineering but afraid the climb will be too difficult? Take it easy and don't worry Mt. Gola and Mt. Manalmon is a good starting point for you. Located at Sitio Madlum in San Miguel, Bulacan that is a few hours away from Metro Manila, the Philippines' capital. It is an ideal beginner's day hike. Reconnect with nature while going on an adventure cause aside from hiking, Sitio Madlum also offers a variety of activities such as spelunking, river swimming, and monkey bridge crossing.

    How To Get There?

    To get there, you can take a bus in either FiveStar, Baliwag Tran ...

  • A Day Well Spent At Mount Manalmon

    A Day Well Spent At Mount Manalmon

    A year ago, I lived together with my friend, my sister. Our location is pretty strategic as it is near our workplace. It also gave us the opportunity to bond in and out of the house. One of them is hiking. We once went together for a dayhike in Mt. Batulao and our last one was Mt. Manalmon.

    It was months ago when she invited me for a day tour in Mt. Manalmon. We went together with her colleagues and friends. I was uneasy at first since I might get out of place, but I went because I haven't been in a mountain for months.

    We stepped out at 3:30 AM to go to a bus station in Cubao. It's stil ...

  • Mt Manalmon And Bayukbok Cave Monkey Bridge

    Mt Manalmon And Bayukbok Cave Monkey Bridge

    This hike is pretty close to home ??"literally. Mt. Manalmon is in the same town where I grew up. It is located at Sitio Madlum, under Brgy. Sibul's jurisdiction where I graduated high school. Although I haven't been to Manalmon before, it still feels like I'm within my home turf.

    The event this time is a pretty big deal for the club I am in. It was organized not only for the members but was also opened to all employees who are ready to try out some basic hiking and caving activities. I believe there were more than 60 participants; quite a lot compared to our usual group of 20+.

    First or ...

  • Bayukbok Cave  Manalmon Challenge Part 2

    Bayukbok Cave Manalmon Challenge Part 2

    After that short hike up Mt. Manalmon with our buwis-buhay (death-defying) poses for posterity's sake, it was time for yet another adventure. From the summit we go down south in the bowels of the mountain that devours (manlalamon) ??" Bayukbok Cave.

    We took on Bayukbok Cave 2 because Cave 1 is closed to the public due to safety per DENR. The idea of spelunking was a thrill in the beginning. It was a first for me…actually, for the three of us (Dexie, Matet and I). I have no comparison for the experience other than the photos and some stories from the more adventurous friends.

    So in the ...

  • Hiking Mt Manalmon Madlum And Bayukbok Cave

    Hiking Mt Manalmon Madlum And Bayukbok Cave

    Every holiday in a calendar is a day to be seized. We should spend it very wisely by doing things we want, be productive, make it memorable if possible and/or spend it with our love ones. As old saying, "Time is gold" we should not waste it and make the most of it instead. As for me, I spent the last holiday by doing the things I like and with one of my love ones. I went on a hike with my younger sister. I joined her again with her colleagues on their hike to Mt. Manalmon.


    Mt. Manalmon's peak just reaches at 196 MASL (it could be considered as just a hill) and based on the spec ...

  • Do The Body Language in Bayukbok Cave

    Do The Body Language in Bayukbok Cave

    Spelunking is not my kind of adventure but I still try it for the sake of exploring the wonders of the Philippines. It will be very uncomfortable for me to go inside a cave alone. I hate the idea of being alone in a cold, dark and deep environment. Mentally, it will kill me.

    It was not a good idea but if I will in a group, I will survive the thoughts and just be mindful of what is happening around us. Bayubok Cave exploration became a side-trip after our successful Trilogy climb in San Miguel, Bulacan. After trekking up and down the mountains of Manalmon, Gola and Matinik. We still have tha ...