Angat News

  • Island Hopping Feeding Project For The Dumagats And Mangyan IPs

    It is for this reason that I am not in favour of mining in our islands- because mining will kill whatever possibilities that beauty can give us.", Ms. Lopez, chairperson of ABS-CBN media network also added.

    Ms Lopez and Mr Canoy share a passion for conservation and service to the common tao. Both have collaborated to work toward a shared goal to uplift the daily lives of Filipino kapamilyas; to make their poverty more bearable, improving their way of life through sustainable and practical use of their local crops, and to encourage their active participation in ecotourism.

    "We need not lo ...

  • Mount Balagbag 2017

    A short video of me and my friends, Jason and Jeremiah in Mt. Balagbag. It was my first hike and I highly recommend it to beginners like me.

    Special thanks to Jason Soriano for helping me shoot this video.

    Shots taken with: Canon Rebel T2i and iPhone 6s

    Music by: The Police - Every Breath You Take (Deep Chills Remix)

  • Look Dumagat Artisans Turn Driftwood Into Artworks

    Rogelio, one of the Dumagats living near the Ipo Dam in Bulacan, has got the nature as his partner in making great art pieces.

    The 12 Dumagat artisans in Rogelio's community transform driftwood, an uprooted and fallen part of trees washed away by river and streams, they collected from the watershed to create competitive sculpture pieces bearing nature-inspired designs.

    After gathering the wood from the water, the artisans will then let them dry for three days, and when these are ready, the transformation starts.

    In creating artworks, the artisans let their imaginations run wild and th ...