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  • Kneeling Carabaos Of Pulilan Attract Tourists

    Kneeling Carabaos Of Pulilan Attract Tourists

    The town's famous Kneeling Carabao Festival last Thursday drew a record number of foreign and local tourists who cherred the parade of 19 carabaos, representing the town's 19 barangays, each pulling a colorful kareta (cart) loaded with agricultural produce of the town.

    Some 400 to 500 other carabaos accompanied by marching bands followed behind as they paid homage to the town's patron saint, San Isidro Labrador.

    The carabaos, cleaned and dressed up for the parade, passed in front of the church, where they knelt as a priest blessed the farm animals and their owners.

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  • Madlum Cave in San Miguel Bulacan

    Madlum Cave in San Miguel Bulacan

    A huge split boulder which is the mountain hideout of the revolutionary forces during the Spanish regime and the place where the Malolos Constitution was signed by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and Pedro Paterno.

    It is where the historic Biak-na-Bato Republic was established.The park appeals to the adventurous spirit with its challenging rock formations. Hanging bridges and staircases connecting rivers and caves make for a pleasurable exploration.

    Among the many ecological attractions in Biak-na-Bato National Park are Bahay Paniki Cave, Aguinaldo Cave, Madlum Cave, Tanggapan Cave, and Tilandong ...

  • Tales Of Biak Na Bato

    A great summer adventure encountering hanging bridges, historical caves, trekking, and other awesome experiences! Really worth the almost 4-hr walk! Thanks to our very "kwela" local guide Kuya Jing! :D
    You'll always be remembered! HAHA!

    I really enjoyed some rock, i mean boulder, climbing. It's a knee-shakening experience for most of us are first time trekkers. I just hope that the park would maintain the natural formations found in the area. Lesser graffitis and lesser robbers. Also, i hope that the live rocks would still be alive through ages.

    We went first in Ambush Cave, Imbakan Ca ...