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  • Sagumata Falls in Bukidnon

    Sagumata Falls, Brgy Lourdes, Valencia City, Bukidnon.

  • Travel Diaries Lake Apo Valencia Bukidnon

    Travel Diaries Lake Apo Valencia Bukidnon

    One thing I love about living in Cagayan de Oro City is that it is near the beach and the mountains. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I felt like going away to the mountains so we packed our bags and went to Bukidnon. Our main itinerary was Lake Apo.

    Lake Apo is a crater lake located in Brgy Guinoyoran, Valencia City, Bukidnon. It's about 30 minutes from the town center. It used to be a volcanic cone that later on widened into a basin and filled with water. The name comes from the bisaya term "apo" which means grandson or granddaughter. As legend would have it, a man living in the mountains w ...

  • Maramag The Eco-tourism Capital Of Bukidnon

    Maramag The Eco-tourism Capital Of Bukidnon

    Bounded in the northeast by Mt. Kilakron and Mt. Kalatungan, Maramag is a first class municipality located approximately 158 kilometers from the southeastern part of Cagayan de Oro and to the south by Malaybalay, Bukidnon. It is composed of 20 barangays and the largest of which is Barangay Kuya. Maramag municipality is characterized by slopes as well as bodies of water. Baguic-ican River can be found in the east and goes to Muleta River. Other rivers are Maramag, Pulangi and Kulaman.


    The original people who lived in Maramag are said to be the Manobos and the Maranaos. Its name is ...

  • Bukidnon Landlocked Highland

    Bukidnon Landlocked Highland

    Landlocked but not isolated, Bukidnon is a vast elevated land in Mindanao. It is a province blessed with good earth and cool climate, protected by the several tribes and the mighty Kitanglad.

    Bukidnon is my 20th province.

    It is accessed in the north through Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City if you come from the south. The province's name refers to the highlanders or the mountain dwellers. Bukidnon after all, has 6 of the 30 highest mountains in the country. Landlocked, it is heavily dependent on several river systems and lakes, notably the Polangui River, to support its agricultural eco ...

  • Weekend At Lake Apo Travel Vlog

    We decided to spend our weekend at Lake Apo at Valencia, Bukidnon. Our kind host waited for us at Valencia City and drove us to Lake Apo and back. It was good to see the owner again. We got to talk about their plan of the property, and its surrounding in the hopes to preserve the lake for years to come.

  • Lake Apo The Hidden Paradise In Bukidnon

    Lake Apo The Hidden Paradise In Bukidnon

    The Province of Bukidnon is best known for their export quality products such as pineapple, sugar, corn and rice. But aside from their products Bukidnon has something can offer to the world, that is their people and the province itself, They are friendly people ,their hospitality is one of a kind ,Most of the people traveled in Bukidnon, found out that it is a peaceful and fun place to go.

    Bukidnon is generally characterized as mountains place, actually the word "Bukid" means mountains in Bisaya. So if you are nature lover, Bukidnon is best place for you.

    Lake Apo is very accessible ...