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  • Blue Water Cave Adventure, Bukidnon Philippines

    Visiting Blue Water Cave, a local tourist attraction in Quezon, Bukidnon, Philippines. The hike there is very beautiful and is an adventure on its own! The trail is developed and it is a safer route compared to the other undeveloped trails in the area. Although, there is a very steep slope downhill towards the cave and may require repelling!

  • Motoring Pit stop at the heart of Mindanao

    Motoring Pit stop at the heart of Mindanao

    Motoring across the heart of Mindanao from Cagayan de Oro City to Davao City basically involves crossing over one big province ??" the Province of Bukidnon.

    Thanks to modern satellite technology and the internet, the straight line distance between Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City has been computed at about 186 kilometers. The actual road distance, however, is anywhere between 240 to 320 kilometers. And that takes about 4 hours driving by private car or 5 -6 hours by bus.

    Though Bukidnon is oftentimes described as an extensive plateau, the southern and eastern boundaries are mountainou ...

  • A Unique Festival Of Ethnic Custom And Tradition

    A Unique Festival Of Ethnic Custom And Tradition

    Sunggod Ta Kamanga, this municipality's annual festival in honor of its original inhabitants??"the Manobos??"came to a close last week with Mayor Gregorio Gue expressing elation at the highly successful three-day celebration.

    An ethnic showcase of Quezon's origins, the festival focused on Manobos and its sub-tribes Matigsalog, Pulangihon, Omayamnon, Tigwahanon who have retained their culture, customs and tradition and are vital cogs in the municipality's social and economic development.Again we have relived our past in a thanksgiving to honor the Manobos, said Mayor Gue, saying the large cr ...

  • Bnon Lumads Mark Sunggod Ta Kamanga

    Tribal people from the Manobo Pulangihon and Manobo Matigsalod of the rich and progressive and first-class municipality of Quezon in the province of Bukidnon were joined by the convergence of over a thousand of visitors, spectators, and tourists in celebrating the Sunggod Ta Kamanga Festival 2015 that kicked off on February 22 and ended on February 24, 2015.

    The festival is an annual grand thanksgiving celebration of the Pulangihon and Matigsalog Manobo tribes which is held every third week of February on the grounds of Dona Resing Park in Quezon town.

    The celebration is aimed at preserv ...

  • Sunggod Ta Kamanga A Festival Of Rituals

    Sunggod Ta Kamanga, a unique festival of custom and tradition of the Manobo tribes, the original settlers of this town marks another milestone in cultural history after successfully showcasing its 3 day ethnic activities and presentations.

    It is an annual gathering where different rituals depicted by Manobos (Pulanguihon), impresses the uniqueness of their culture that has been fully recognized by Local Government Unit (LGU) of Quezon.

    Sunggod Ta Kama is listed in by the Department of Tourism (DOT) as among the country's must see festivals.

    Mayor Gregorio Lloren Gue who's behind the c ...

  • Blue Water And Overview in Bukidnon

    These are my new favourite places in all of my experiences in Bukidnon! I really can't get over the "Halo-Halo effect" the water had with the river and the stunning view at Overview!

    Just outside of Maramag and Quezon two smaller cities in Bukidnon you will find "Blue Water" and "Overview". These two tourist spots really don't get the recognition they deserve...

    They are simply AMAZING!

    Bukidnon is home to a lot of beauty...

    Here is a few places that really overwhelmed me :)

    Super Apir!