Pulangi River

Impasugong, Bukidnon

The Pulangi River, also spelled Pulangui, is the longest river in Bukidnon. It is one of the major tributaries of the Rio Grande de Mindanao, an extensive river system in Mindanao, Philippines. It has a length of 320 kilometers and traverses through majority of the cities and municipalities of Bukidnon from its source in Barangay Kalabugao, Impasugong, Bukidnon.

Pulangi is also the ...

site of the proposed Pulangi V Hydroelectric Dam. The project is expected to generate 300 megawatts of renewable energy for Mindanao in southern Philippines. The dam is 3,300 hectares covering portions, mostly highly sloping lands along the riverbank in 22 barangays in Kitaotao, Kibawe, Dangcagan and Damulog in Bukidnon and Roxas town in North Cotabato. Of the total dam area, 40% is the present river itself and the inundated areas are stiff slopes along the river bank. An estimated of 1,060 households will be affected, all of whom will be relocated and compensated by the project.

Opposition to the project have claimed that the project would submerge the burial site of Apo Mamalu, a revered ancestor of the Manobo indigenous people in Mindanao. There, however, are conflicting claims to this.

Anti-large dam activist Mr. Margarito Cabal, was killed by an unidentified gunman. Cabal was an active leader of Task Force Save Pulangi (TFSP) campaigning against the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Pulangi River which threatens the integrity of the ecosystem and the displacement of the peasant and indigenous community along the said river.

Pulangi River Pulangui News

  • Pulangi Power Plants Rehabilitated

    The chairman of the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) wants to rehabilitate the Agus and Pulangi power plant complexes before they are sold to prospective investors.

    "We have to fix the power-plant complexes first," Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III said on Monday night.

    "They are operating at only 40 percent of total capacity, so we think if we use Chinese ODA money??"we submitted it to them??"we will get it up to speed, use it as base load for Mindanao, and then probably look at some kind of privatization, but not selling it. Maybe privatizing the ope ...

  • Top 5 Longest Rivers In The Philippines For The River Enthusiasts

    Top 5 Longest Rivers In The Philippines For The River Enthusiasts

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  • Indigenous peoples say no to destructive energy projects

    Indigenous peoples say no to destructive energy projects

    Indigenous peoples warn of dire effects on their dwindling population as they call for a stop to a least six mega dam and mini-hydro power projects being undertaken by the Aquino government.

    Building of dams, to indigenous peoples, has meant "erosion of culture and ethnocide, although these "may be able to produce electricity or provide irrigation services and flood control," said Jill Cariño, Executive Director and Convenor of the Philippine Task Force for Indigenous Peoples' Rights (TFIP).

    TFIP, a network of 12 NGOs, along with the Katribu Kalipunan ng Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipina ...

  • Mindanao power woes worsen as Pulangi Lake Lanao water levels drop

    Mindanao power woes worsen as Pulangi Lake Lanao water levels drop

    It's the same story every summer.

    The water levels in Pulangi River in Bukidnon and Lake Lanao, major sources of hydropower in Mindanao, continued to drop worsening the power situation in some cities in the island already reeling from daily rotational blackouts.

    Starting Tuesday, the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company (Cepalco) whose franchise area covers the city and Jasaan and Villanueva towns in Misamis Oriental, has imposed an eight-hour rotational blackout.

    Pagadian City and neighboring Zamboanga Sibugay province were also under severe power curtailment, the National Grid C ...

  • Napocor watershed rehab funds approved

    Napocor watershed rehab funds approved

    The National Power Corp. (Napocor) has secured regulatory approval to draw over P777 million from the environmental component of the universal charge fund for the rehabilitation and maintenance of watershed areas.

    In a decision released yesterday, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) approved Napocor's petition to avail of the universal charge -- environmental charge (UC-EC) fund to carry out its programmed activities for a period of four years.

    The regulator, likewise, authorized the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) to release P777.31 million to fund Napoco ...

  • Touring Valencia Bukidnon

    Touring Valencia Bukidnon

    Looking for the next destination to visit in the Philippines? If you're already in the Mindanao region, you should head out to Valencia, Bukidnon. It is a 2nd class component city in the Bukidnon province and the most populous compared to other cities and municipalities. Located in the heart of the province, it can be likened to Wall Street, if there was one in the city.

    Getting There

    Flying direct to Valencia City is not possible. You still have to go on a bus ride to get to it. Nonetheless, the trip will take you to other interesting destinations in the Philippines. You have three opti ...