Nasuli Spring

Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Located in Brgy. Bangcud, this spring has blue waters deep enough for diving and swimming. It also serves as picnic grounds for families bonding together or a place of refuge and recollection.

The Nasuli Spring Resort is a freshwater lagoon. Its water is icy cold even during the hottest time of the day. The lagoon is approximately 15 feet deep and surrounded by lush greeneries. The ...

water is bluish with a tinge of green.

Nasuli Spring News

  • Mt Capistrano Nasuli Spring Resort Adventure With Itineraries And Expenses

    Mt Capistrano Nasuli Spring Resort Adventure With Itineraries And Expenses

    The most memorable adventures are the unplanned ones. Even if we have a Travel Bucketlist, sometimes it doesn't go the way we planned it- like how I ended up going to the most dangerous adventure I have ever been, trekking at Mt. Capistrano.

    I was supposed to be traveling for Manila & Baguio City last July 16, 2016 with my high school friends but due to conflict with my other affiliations, I was forced to cancel my trip and attend a Go See for Solid Models Association CDO (SMAC), and was thankful that I got in. Yeey! Shoutout to Batch2 especially to our handler, Naj. But I'm not fully satis ...

  • Team NMIF Goes To Mt Capistrano Malaybalay Bukidnon

    The Team NMIF Goes to Mount Capistrano in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

  • A Weekend Escapade To Nasuli Cold Spring

    A Weekend Escapade To Nasuli Cold Spring

    Cold as ice, but not as cold as your heart (char lang…)

    If you are looking for a weekend escapade to chill , Nasuli Spring resort is the best for you. Having a provincial old spring scenery, the place let you relax and just wanted to spend the rest of the day bonding with your friends and family. Tall trees surrounding the blue green spring makes you smile for it leaves an impression that this place will make a lot of happy memories.

    To swim or not? I am not ready to take plunge to the water because it was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY COLD.

    Nasuli offers you a life vest and a salbabida ...

  • Bukidnon My Home

    If you have met someone from the Province of Bukidnon, there is a good chance you would have heard them say:

    "Bukidnon My Home"

    Well after spending a few weeks adventuring around this beautiful Province in Northern Mindanao. I now understand why they are proud to say it.

    This video sums up my experiences in beautiful Bukidnon!

    Super Apir!


  • Back to the Nasuli Spring of our Youth

    Back to the Nasuli Spring of our Youth

    With the summer continuing to torment us with its intense heat, my friends and I went for another weekend escapade to simply cool down and chill. We have been doing this the past two weeks and fortunately we did not have to go too far as our hometown Malaybalay City is surrounded by nearby waterfalls, rivers and springs. On Holy Thursday, we basked underneath the cascades of Dila Falls and dipped at the ice cold Gantungan River in CEDAR, Impalutao. Exactly a week after that, we conquered the extreme downhill along the cliff and bathed in the basin of the less-explored Magubo Falls, also in Imp ...

  • Exploring Malaybalay The South Summer Capital of the Philippines

    Exploring Malaybalay The South Summer Capital of the Philippines

    Located in the province of Bukidnon, Philippines is Malaybalay, officially known as the City of Malaybalay and dubbed as the South Summer Capital of the Philippines. And why not? With an elevation of 2,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by mountains on all sides, it should not come as a surprise that the city's temperature would stay wonderfully cool, while the rest of the Philippines becomes hot.

    What to See

    With a total land area of over 370 sq. miles, expect to see plenty of places of interest in the city. In fact, it is highly recommended that an itinerary is divided between nat ...