Maradugao River

Kalilangan, Bukidnon

Maradugao River (also called Maridugao) is a river that serves as a natural boundary between the provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur in Mindanao in southern Philippines. It joins the Pulangi River in North Cotabato.  Wiki

Maradugao River News

  • Mount Kalatungan as source of water

    Mount Kalatungan as source of water

    The Mt. Kalatungan Range Natural Park serve as the origin of headwater of tributaries of the major river systems in Bukidnon - Pulangui , Cagayan, Maradugao river, Muleta and Manupali River, among these rivers are the Bangahan river in the southwest , Ticalaan river in the northwest, Lantay river in the south Manupali river in the North. Also found in the vinicity of the park are streams that flow through waterfalls, cascade and rapids.

    Wetlands and marshes although not significant in the area, are found within the range. The mountain manifest an irregular radial Drainage pattern as observ ...

  • Seven Watershed Management Areas

    Seven Watershed Management Areas

    The Provincial Government of Bukidnon has a long history of supporting natural resources management (NRM) initiatives based on its vision spelled out in its 1989 Strategic Development Plan "to have an optimally developed agricultural economy and ecologically balanced environment."

    In 1993, it established the Bukidnon Watershed Protection and Development Council (BWPDC). This serves as a multi-sectoral body to exercise general guidance and oversight functions relative to watershed and environmental management in the province. This Council prepared the Bukidnon Watershed Management Framework ...

  • Bukidnon tribe to revisit land mark of traditional peace agreement

    Bukidnon tribe to revisit land mark of traditional peace agreement

    The descendants of the Bukidnon tribe's Datu Mansikiabo-Datu Mampaalong in Malaybalay City has scheduled on April 30 and May 1 a "panendan" or a ritual to commemorate the historic landmark of the traditional peace agreements at the headwaters of Tagoloan River.

    The ritual will be held in a traditional gathering or "kaamulan" of the descendants who call themselves the Tagolwan tribe, one of the Bukidnon tribes originally based in Malaybalay.

    The tribe has been gathering annually but this year they dub the event as the "Tagoloan pilgrimage"

    Retired Regional Trial Court Judge Benjamin ...