Cinchona Forest

Lantapan, Bukidnon

The Cinchona Forest Reserve was established through a presidential proclamation in 1936, and now forms part of the protected area of the Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park.

It is home to the Cinchona Plantation, established at Barangay Kaatuan in 1929, and said to be the only of its kind left in Asia and the Pacific where the medicinal plant Cinchona, Cinchona ledgeriana, is grown. ...

Cinchona, is a medium-sized tropical tree that can grow up 24 metres with a 60 centimetres diameter, is a source of quinine that is used for malaria treatment.

The farm covers an area of 1,725 hectares where 7 Cinchona tree species are found and is planted mostly with Alvizza falcataria and other medicinal trees. Located 1,140 metres above sea level, the area is considered as the coldest place in Bukidnon with temperatures ranging from 13 to 18 °C.  Wiki

Cinchona Forest Reserve News

  • Random Shots The Kitanglad Clean-up Climb 2016

    Random Shots The Kitanglad Clean-up Climb 2016

    Mr. Raul Ilogon invited me to join the clean-up climb on Mt Kitanglad Summit on June 11 and 12, in time for 118th Philippine Independence Day. And on June 18 and 19 on Mt Dulang-Dulang Summit. This clean-up drive was initiated by DENR under the request of Protected Area Management Board based in Malaybalay City.

    A much-need summit clean-up drive by volunteers was called upon, to clear the Kitanglad summit and trail of man-made waste materials such as plastic bottles and other non-biodegradable objects.

    The Northern Mindanao Mountaineering Society (NORMMS), which is celebrating 34 years o ...

  • Cinchona Forest Reserve Escapade Kaatuan Lantapan Bukidnon Part 1

    Cinchona Forest Reserve Escapade Kaatuan Lantapan Bukidnon Part 1

    The verdant trees which were all around us were just so refreshing. Seeing everything in green is such a relief. I can say that the scene and all the elements of nature gave me a boost of happiness. I have been thanking God that He gave us nature, not only to relax and enjoy, but for us to think of His great love towards us.

    Part 1: This first part includes our activities inside the Cinchona Forest Reserve (Biking Trail and Canopy Walk)

    Location: Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park, ASEAN Heritage Park, Cinchona Park/ Forest Reserve, Kaatuan, Lantapan, Bukidnon, Philippines.

    Access Point ...

  • Five Thousand Birds A Dream Comes True

    Five Thousand Birds A Dream Comes True

    At 7:30 this morning, Nicky and I were hiking up a narrow trail through the Cinchona Forest Reserve, in the lush mountains of Mindanao, with two locals named Emiliano and Ramil Lumiston. The mood was happy and expectant. Since the beginning of January, I had seen exactly 4,999 species of birds, and the big 5K could appear at any second.

    "What if it's some drab flycatcher?" said Nicky, suddenly. "Or a bush-warbler? Oh man, what if it's a bush-warbler?" That such a milestone might forever be represented by an unexciting bird seemed to stress him out.

    But, of course, that's the joy of birdi ...

  • Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park

    Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park

    The mountains of Bukidnon that are collectively called the Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park, make the perfect playground for people who love mountaineering and camping. Exploring a bit of the charted territories can take days and not for the faint of heart. The mountain range provides a nesting ground for the rare Philippine Eagle and serves as habitat to the Philippine brown deer, Philippine flying lemur, Philippine pygmy woodpecker, Philippine pygmy fruit bat, golden-crowned flying fox, Philippine tailless roundleaf bat and the Mindanao moon rat, to name a few. (Being in this place defini ...

  • The Green Scene of Cinchona Forest Reserve in Lantapan

    The Green Scene of Cinchona Forest Reserve in Lantapan

    Unfortunately, not all LOGSAC members got the opportunity to join the 4th Mindanao Mountaineering Federation (MMF) Mid-year Forum and Climb last June 28-31, 2013 due to varying reasons. There were only three of us from the club (Jonas and Hardi Joy) who participated the exciting trip which was held in one of Mindanao's prime mountaineering destinations ??" the Province of Bukidnon. Although most of our club members already climbed Bukidnon's two major mountains in Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad two years ago, this year's mid-year forum could have been another memorable experience for all of us.

  • Protecting An ASEAN Heritage

    In 2008, members of the Mt. Kitanglad Range Nature Park Protected Areas Management Board (PAMB) filed a resolution requesting Mt. Kitanglad to be a member of the ASEAN Heritage Park. In 2009, Mt. Kitanglad Range becomes the 28th and the third in the country, after Mt. Apo and Mt. Iglit Baco, to be declared an ASEAN Heritage Park.

    This year, 2010, as the world celebrates the International Year of Biodiversity, the world shifts its attention to the province of Bukidnon as it looks at how they protect, not just the country's, but the world's heritage. As part of the celebration, members of the ...