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  • Lets Go In Lake Apo

    Lets Go In Lake Apo

    There's Mt. Apo, APO Hiking Society and yes, there's also a Lake Apo. This is the story of our trip there.

    We woke up to a rainy morning but since we were eager to take the trip, not even the rain could dampen our spirits. Off we went to Davao City and to Bukidnon. True enough, the skies cleared. We were meant to go to Lake Apo that day after all.

    Lake Apo is 209.3 km. from Tagum City (or approx. 3 hrs, 1 min.) via the Pan-Philippine Highway and 128.7 km. (1 hr., 51 mins.) from Davao City via the same highway. From Cagayan de Oro City, it is 142 km. via Sayre Highway or 1 hr., 58 mins. t ...

  • Philippine Spring 1996 In Katanglad Bohol And Quezon

    Philippine Spring 1996 In Katanglad Bohol And Quezon

    With shocking images of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan fresh in my mind I thought it time to revisit a trip made to that country, if not the islands most affected, in happier times of 1996.

    Introduction. The following reports on a short trip to selected sites in the Philippines in spring 1996 made by Nick Preston, Barry Stidolph, John & David Cooper and myself. Nick, Barry and I were keen to visit the Philippines but as Nick and Barry were teachers a trip had to coincide with school holidays. This effectively meant Easter and with only two weeks available a comprehensive trip w ...

  • Philippines April 2008 In  Mindanao Kitanglad

    Philippines April 2008 In Mindanao Kitanglad

    This blog is final part covering of a three week trip to the Philippines at Easter 2008 with Andy Bunting, Nick Preston, Gerry Price and Graham Thurlow and expertly put together and guided by Jon Hornbuckle. Nick and I had visited some parts of the Philippines 12 years earlier with David and John Cooper and Barry Stidolph (see Nick was only able to be away for the two week school holiday and we arranged the itinerary to visit Kitanglad after Nick had left as he and I had been there before. It was a very enjoyable trip with a ...