Binahon Agroforestry Farm

Lantapan, Bukidnon

The Binahon Agroforestry Farm (BAFF) is a model upland farm that practices sustainable ecological agriculture. It is located at Bol-ogan, Songco, Lantapan in the cool province of Bukidnon.

Binahon Agroforestry Farm News

  • You Can Do Thhis With Coffee, Filipino Farm Fun


    Yup, that is what the Talaandig taught me at Binahon AgroForestry Farm in Lantapan, Bukidnon.I had so much fun walking around this place learning. Seriously. Farm Tourism is amazing, and completely refreshing!

    I bet you haven't tried the berries I found in this video?

    But maybe you have had a wild banana party?

    Oh. and sorry for Kumar's Bastos! Mao na Diha.

  • Exploring Mt Kitanglad-Mt Dulang Dulang Traverse

    Exploring Mt Kitanglad-Mt Dulang Dulang Traverse

    Mt. Dulang-Dulang, is the second-highest mountain here in the Philippines, with the elevation of 2,938 meters above sea level. It is a chief among the mountains of the Kitanglad mountain range. Mt. Kitanglad is the fourth-highest summit in the Philippines. Known for its long trek and its peaks that have the most beautiful view of landscapes, beginning from the trails of trees and grasslands and as it transcends into its thick and deep jungles. The jungle is covered with moss and clouds. Its moss gives it this ancient and historic look. The trees found there spiral all over with labyrinthine an ...

  • Binahon Agroforestry Farm And Resource Center

    Binahon Agroforestry Farm And Resource Center

    Nestled on the foothills of Mount Dulang-dulang of the Kitanglad mountain ranges in Lantapan, Bukidnon, the Binahon Agroforestry Farm and Resource Center is an eight hectare organic farm that was toiled from a barren grassland where only cogon grass and weeds used to thrive. Mr. Henry and Mrs. Perla Binahon, natives of the province decided to leave their careers in the government as a forester and as animal Science expert at the DENR, and pursued the call to go back home to their native land to re-start their careers -- this time, as husband and wife farmers.

    The Binahons started their adve ...

  • Binahon Agroforestry Farm An Upland Farming Success

    Binahon Agroforestry Farm An Upland Farming Success

    And our 2nd to the last stop for our Organic Agriculture Farm tour in Northern Mindanao was Binahon Agroforestry Farm.

    Our journey to Binahon Agroforestry Farm started here. This is not the farm proper yet. Well, since the little truck service is full already with other bloggers and our luggages, me and Rey decided to walk 600 meters uphill to reach Binahon Agroforestry Farm's main property.

    It wasn't that bad actually. Glad that I experienced something like this and I really enjoyed walking, even though it was really muddy that time due to intermittent rainshowers. But looking on the br ...

  • Learning The Ways to Farm Enterprise of Binahon Agroforestry Farm in Bukidnon

    Learning The Ways to Farm Enterprise of Binahon Agroforestry Farm in Bukidnon

    Our next stop for OA Bloggers Tour Day 2 in Bukidnon was at the Binahon AgroForestry Farm, situated within the Kitanglad Mountain Range in Bukidnon. It was almost 6 in the evening when we got there and it was slightly raining that time.

    From Malaybalay's Jaya's Secret Garden, it took us 3 hours to get to Lantapan.

    We unpacked our things immediately right after we were assigned of our room and just aa right as we were charging our mobile devices, the place was hit by a power failure. We.were a little bit uneasy at that moment because we were concern that we might not get to charge our gad ...