Tarsier Sanctuary In Corella Bohol Philippines

I didn't get inside the Tarsier site because.

- I've already been there
- I have seen the tarsier up-close before
- Also, the weather is so not okay when we arrived (it rained actually)
- The entrance fee is P60.00 (that's 3 cornetto nah besh hahaha #FoodisLifest)
- And nakalimot ko'g orient sa akong isa ka manghod nga mag video sa sulod, my bad -_-

1. How to get there? READ HERE:

2. How much is the entrance fee?
P60.00 - Adult
P50.00 - Senior Citizen & Children
FREE - Kids below 8 yrs.old

3. How about their opening hours?
- 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

4. When is the best time to visit?
- Afternoon

5. What to bring?
- Rain Coat (weather is unpredictable)

6. What to expect in the sanctuary?
- Dinosaurs maybe!? O_O

7. What do Tarsiers look like?
- Master Yoda (younger & cuter version)

8. What's their favorite object?
- Stick

9. How do they sleep?
- Eyes closed

10. What do they eat?
- Hooman ;)

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