Virgin Island

Panglao, Bohol

Virgin Island, also called Pontod Island, is one of the several islands included in Bohol Government's jurisdiction. It is located 15-20 minutes away from Panglao Island in the Philippines. This is known to local as the Virgin Island because nobody lives here and the place is not always visited by tourists even though it's opened to the public a long time ago. Virgin Island is one of the many isla ...

nds in the Philippines where a big area of the beach sink during high tide and only the palm trees in the middle of the island are visible.

Known to many locals as the "hidden oasis", Virgin Island is clearly an attraction due to its long stretch of white sand beach during low tide which spans around 1 hectare. The problem during shallow waters is that some motorized outrigger boats can't dock in the island because a lot of sea plants surrounding the area near the docking station will stick to the propeller causing it to malfunction. There's no other docking station except for this single area of the island because most of the parts have very shallow water even during high tide which can cause the outrigger boats to get caught on the underwater rocks or sands.

Virgin Island or Pontod Island Bohol News

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    Luckily enough I was able to find a cheap~ish ticket to Bohol last December (I'll post the budget somewhere in this post so keep reading!) and I'm all for cheap as plane tickets! It wasn't until last month did I actually start planning the trip, I usually book our hotels or bed & breakfast a few weeks to a month in advance ...

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    Bohol is famous for chocolate hills, but there are other places to explore in this province.It is located in Central Visayas region. It is one of the popular tourist attraction because of its beaches, diving locations and resorts.

    How to get there?

    To get here, you need to take a flight from Manila going to Bohol in any local airlines. Be it Cebu Pacific, Air Asia or Philippine Airlines. Just watch out for their promos/se ...

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    Watch out for the 2nd installment of my Bohol trip.

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