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  • Girl Scouts From Bohol Save a Fish Sanctuary

    Girl Scouts From Bohol Save a Fish Sanctuary

    The Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) awarded the highest honor (1st Place) to Senior Troop 113 of Holy Cross Academy of Bohol Council for its project entry to the Pilar Hidalgo Lim Troop Achievement Award in May 2013.

    The Pilar Hidalgo Lim Troop Achievement award is given to a troop of Girl Scouts to encourage them to become proactive in community development projects and to memorialize the significant role of Mrs. Pilar Hidalgo Lim in the formal organization of the GSP.

    The Mangrove Reforestation in Sitio Can-Icong of Barangay Macaa in Tubigon, Bohol is a proof of the Girl Scouts' c ...

  • A Beautiful Sandbar In Bohols Tubigon

    A Beautiful Sandbar In Bohols Tubigon

    From a distance, a lone structure (no, make it two) became visible as our motorized outrigger (banca) edged closer and closer to our destination, a sandbar in Bohol within the municipality of Tubigon. And slowly, like a mirage, the cluster of sand came to view.

    Dumog Island, more an islet or better yet, a sandbar in the middle of nowhere between Bohol and Cebu was an exciting find. It's just one of many islets and sandbars that dot this part of the sea and whose potential for water fun and sports needs to be fully realized.

    In the morning, when it was low tide, we could go around the san ...

  • Cave Bats As Newest Tourism Attraction

    If there's another thing mass media has done to bats, making them the ultimate epitomes of the evils lurking in the dark, could be the worst.

    And if there is one thing media could do to correct the situation is to let them look at bats in the way these often misunderstood creatures of the dark are to be seen.

    And the people of Macaas, Tubigon, forming the Malambuong Turismo sa Macaas Tubigon (MATUMATU) are doing just that, getting the media to understand why there is a need to protect and conserve the 3000 island flying foxes and fruit bats of its nearby Cabgan Island.

    In a soft openi ...

  • Island Hopping Philippine Summer 2015

    Island Hopping Summer 2015, Bilangbilangan Island and Olango Island.

  • A Way To Protect Our Marine Resources

    Barangay Batasan is a tiny speck of land off the western coast of Bohol island. It is an elongated piece of land no more than a kilometer in length and something like a fourth of a kilometer in width.

    But except for its being a small fishing village, Bgy. Batasan is unlike most other island barangays. The houses on both sides of a narrow concrete road that runs from one end of the island to the other have been built with sturdy materials, some even with concrete. We saw none of the classic barong barong or nipa hut type. The children who frolick at the beach appear to be well-fed and well c ...

  • Rebuilding an Edifice Of Hope With The People In Batasan Island

    Batasan Island already existed since time immemorial. It is a reef located in the middle of the sea Northeast of the Municipality of Tubigon, and Southwest of Clarin. It was already a recognized barrio before the Japanese occupation in the early 1940's under the political jurisdiction of Tubigon municipality. However, no one in the community can ever remember when exactly was the date it became a barangay.

    Long before, the island was thickly covered with mangrove forest. The coral reefs and seagrass beds were all healthy. With only few people in the village, they have all the abundance they ...