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  • Diamond Jubilee Celebration Of Trinidad Bohol

    Barely two months old in her administration as Trinidad town mayor, Judith "BB" del Rosario Cajes leads the preparation for the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the town as it reaches 60 years cum September 1.

    The town's Diamond Jubilee shall be celebrated in a week long festivity that integrates the socio-economic and health thrusts inspired by the promotion of culture and heritage of the town's new administration. Thus, the theme "Looking Back, Moving Forward."

    The week long celebration will begin on August 27 and shall run until September 1, the day that Trinidad was established as a to ...

  • Karomata Fest Trinidads Bold Moves To Street Dancing

    Amid the rising trend of "street dancing festivals" , Trinidad comes out with the bold move for its "Karomata festival".

    Trinidad town under Mayor Roberto Cajes adopted the festival conceptualized in 2007 under then chief executive Judith Cajes.

    Festival coordinator Aniceto Petarco said the Karomata Festival was a highlight of the town's 65th Foundation Days Anniversary celebrated every August 30 September 1 Street dancers from five high school contingents in the town depicted more of the mimes in a barter trade that led to the conceptualization of the festival.

    Contingents in the str ...

  • Trinidad Comes With New Karomata Fest Street Dance

    Amid the rising trend of "street dancing festivals" with nothing but cheap imitations of choreography and music from older and visibly more successful mother festivals, Trinidad comes out with the bold move.

    Already maturing enough to decide to go for the authentic, Trinidad, under Mayor Roberto Cajes has since adopted the Karomata festival, which was conceptualized in 2007 under then chief executive Judith Cajes.

    By bringing in fresh steps into its Karomata Festival, Trinidad can be taking the right direction following Loboc's Bolibongkingking, Catigbian's Katigbawan and other few meani ...

  • Bohol Town Promotes Karomata Festival

    The municipal government, led by Mayor Roberto Cajes and Vice Mayor Frank Gonzales presented the Karomata Festival that is distinct from the usual street dance craze to showcase one's best practices during its 65th Foundation Day recently.

    Trinidad town has since adopted the carabao-drawn cart festival, which was conceptualized in 2007 under the then mayor Judith Cajes, wife of the incumbent mayor. By bringing fresh steps into the Karomata fest, the town has been taking the right direction, following Loboc town's "Bolibongkingking" and Catigbian town's "Katigbawan" festivals whose originali ...