Tigbao Hanging Bridge

Sevilla, Bohol

The Tigbao Hanging Bridge is found in Sevilla Bohol in the upper area of Loboc River. The Hanging Bridge is a foot bridge composed of bamboos and hardened steels which was initially used by locals to cross the river going to the Barangay on the other side of the main road. The Hanging Bridge hangs about 25 meters above the river.

Tigbao Hanging Bridge News

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    Bohol Day 1 The Hills Are Alive

    Growing up, I was bombarded in school by books showing off photos of tiny bug-eyed primates clinging to branches with their tiny little hands, and hills that supposedly imitate Hershey's Kisses in the summer. It piqued my interest enough to harbor a secret desire to see these things myself, and it didn't help that I was constantly being reminded by Instagram that people were enjoying these attractions and I wasn't. Having to constantly live on a budget restricts me from covering as much ground as possible, travel-wise, so when another Cebu Pacific Seat Sale came around, I immediately hit "Sear ...

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    Itching for a new adventure these days? But still don't know where to go? Don't worry cause I'll be showing you one of Philippines pride and gem of the south, Bohol.

    Bohol is famous for chocolate hills, but there are other places to explore in this province.It is located in Central Visayas region. It is one of the popular tourist attraction because of its beaches, diving locations and resorts.

    How to get there?

    To get here, you need to take a flight from Manila going to Bohol in any local airlines. Be it Cebu Pacific, Air Asia or Philippine Airlines. Just watch out for their promos/se ...

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    Exploring Bohol In One Day

    Bohol is one of the provinces in the Philippines and is home to the world's smallest monkey, the tarsier and is one of the best places to go to for beach lovers as Bohol has some of the best beaches in the Philippines. With pristine white sand beaches, Panglao Island is one of the many places in Bohol that you don't want to miss.

    Bohol is also best known for its very famous tourist attraction, the Chocolate Hills, somewhat like their landmark. As the name suggests, it is called Chocolate Hills because during the dry season, the hills turned into chocolate brown.

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    Maayong pag-abot sa Bohol! One of the most attractive cities in the Philippines, Bohol is one rich, green countryside escape which attracts hordes of travelers for its world- famous Chocolate hills, picturesque natural scenery and unique species such as tarsier and python.

    It can be easily visited by ferry from Cebu for a cost of 400php one way. But today, it's even more accessible with the opening of its own airport. Dozens of habal-habal drivers offer whole-day tour to visit 12 sites of Bohol for a price of not more than 800 pesos for two. These are the ...

  • Bohol Adventures

    Our Bohol Adventures!

    - Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary
    - Loboc River
    - Chocolate Hills
    - Cambugahay Falls
    - Bilar Man-made Forest
    - Tigbao Hanging Bridge

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    Bohol Island Your Ultimate Travel Guide

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    The Island of Bohol is a favorite tourist destination in the Philippines attracting tourist from various parts of the globe. Bohol is a province in the Philippines regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Tagbilaran City is the capital and center of trade and commerce of the province of Bohol. Bohol is composed of one main island and 75 smaller islands and islets.

    Bohol Island is famous for its Chocolate Hills, a collection of over a thousand dome-shaped hillocks which turned a bit brownies during summer ...