Talibon Islands Landscape Seascape

Talibon, Bohol

The Talibon Islands Protected Landscape and Seascape are made up of the tiny islets of Mahaba, Calituban, Banacon, Tahong-tahong and Bubuajan are in the Camotes Sea, a few kilometres off the north coast of Bohol, across the Bohol Strait from Olango Island. There are intertidal mudflats and tidal lagoons around the islands, and large areas of mangroves that were recently reported to be in good cond ...

ition. The main economic activity in this area is fishing.

The concentration of 635 Chinese Egrets in this IBA in 1991 represented 25% of the estimated global population of this threatened species. There is presumably some interchange of birds of this species between this IBA and nearby Olango Island and Mactan, Kalawisan and Cansaga Bays. Together, these three IBAs support what is probably the most important non-breeding population of this species in the world.

Talibon Islands Protected Landscape and Seascape News

  • Bongan Sandbar - Talibon Bohol Phillippines

    Wanna take a Break?
    - From Work
    - From Pollution
    - From Busy City
    - From Stress


    Bongan Sandbar is one of many beautiful sandbars in the Philippines that you can visit, it is a part of Talibon, Bohol Municipality.

    If you go there as early as you can, the chances is you will enjoy the sandbar alone.

    Things you might need to know:
    - Probably 1 hour and 15 minutes of travel from Talibon Port
    - Small Bangka Fee: Php 1,500 Back and fort ( Talibon port - Bongan sandbar) Max of 10 Pax
    - Bongan entrance Fee - Php 100/ Pax
    - Bongan docking Fee - Php 50

  • DENR 7 completes demarcation of 24 protected areas

    DENR 7 completes demarcation of 24 protected areas

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Central Visayas has completed the forest delineation of all 24 protected areas in the region.

    With this, the local government units designated to manage the region's protected sites can now come up with "buffer zones" intended to prevent the exploitation of the sites as well as to promote sustainability to those living near these areas.

    Isabelo Montejo, DENR 7 executive director, said that the six protected areas in Cebu, two in Negros Oriental and 16 in Bohol were completely delineated by the Land Evaluation Party (LEP), which i ...

  • DENR 7 completes boundary delineation of protected areas

    DENR 7 completes boundary delineation of protected areas

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-7 has completed the boundary delineation of protected areas in Central Visayas.

    Isabelo Montejo, DENR-7 executive director, said that a total of 16 protected areas have been delineated totaling to 842.1786 kilometers last year.

    "The delineation is necessary so that we would be able to strengthen our environmental protection initiatives particularly those protected areas and national parks against degradation or exploitation as we try to solicit the active support and cooperation of various stakeholders," said Montejo.

    The delineation ...

  • Mayor Puts Conservation First

    Mayor Puts Conservation First

    Interpretive center, environment office address key issues

    Juanario Item decided early in life that a job in government would be his ticket to a stable future. Now he is mayor, facing up to his responsibility to promote a sustainable future for the largely coastal population of Talibon, Bohol, Philippines, through coastal resource management (CRM).

    As a child, Item wanted to become a lawyer and "work in town hall." But his father died before he got to university, so he worked as a janitor to support himself through college, became a teacher and later enlisted in the police force. Even so ...