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  • Freediving Cabagnow Cave

    I enjoyed this open crater cave so much! I'm still a novice at Freediving however this will just be one of the many attempts ill have to become good with it.

  • Awestruck In Anda Bohols Blossoming Beau

    If you've been captivated by the pristine beaches of Panglao and the nearby islands of Balicasag and Pamilacan in Bohol, and you thought you had already seen the best of this province, then think again. If you've never been to Anda, then you haven't seen the best of Bohol yet.

    Anda is a coastal town off southeastern Bohol, facing Camiguin, Southern Leyte, and Surigao del Norte. It was formerly known as Barrio Quinale, a part of the municipality of Guindulman until it was declared an independent town in 1875.

    How to go there:

    Via air from Manila
    • Major local airlines such as Philip ...

  • Back To The Philippines

    My second trip to the Philippines was to Cebu. Tom and I met my other friend Jade at the airport and from there we took a taxi to the port and boarded a ferry to Bohol island. From there we took a tricycle to our hostel.

    As we were time restricted, we decided to book a snorkelling tour for the next day that night that would mean an early start of 6.30am to catch a dolphin sighting. Despite us getting their on time, we had to wait around about 15 minutes until we were taken to a boat with 2 couples on board who assumed we were late and as a result we didn’t get to see the dolphins!

    We s ...