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  • Time for worldwide fund to save mangroves

    World lenders should set up a "Global Mangrove Fund" to protect these hotspots of biodiversity and vital sources of income, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said on Monday.

    More than a quarter of the world's mangroves have already been lost, and the current rate of destruction is more than triple that of land forests, it said.

    Greenhouse gas emissions have increased as a result, as methane and carbon dioxide are unlocked from vegetation and sediment, said the Nairobi-based agency. Around a fifth of carbon emissions from all forests derive from mangroves, it said.

    In the first attem ...

  • Residents want bat cave mining back

    Residents of barangay Marcelo cry for help and want officials to allow cave mining back as their source of livelihood, a concerned citizen (name withheld) said in an interview.

    Popog Cave is considered here as one of the rich sources of "guano" deposits for phosphate raw materials that have been stocked for many years, he said.

    The residents are expected to raise the issue during the simultaneous barangay assembly today (Oct. 12, Sunday), he said.

    The source said that the residents are wondering why the municipal officials do not allow this when this cave mining has been there for man ...

  • A year after the quake

    Rogelio Daño, 27, was on his first month as a clerk in the Cebu Capitol when he was sent to distribute relief goods in Boljoon, two days after the earthquake that struck exactly a year ago.

    Christian John Tandulan, 22, a community development assistant, still remembers the aftershocks he and co-workers felt while delivering relief goods from Cebu to Bohol.

    Daño and Tandulan are just two of the thousands of government workers and private volunteers who did more than survive last year's quake.

    They worked hard, for little or no extra pay, to help other survivors get back on their feet ...