Alburquerque Church

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

The Santa Monica Parish Church of Alburquerque, commonly known as the Alburquerque Church, is a Roman Catholic church in the municipality of Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines. It is under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran. The church was declared as an Important Cultural Property by the National Museum of the Philippines in 2013.

Santa Monica Parish Church of Alburquerque News

  • A Look Back At Our Vacation In Bohol

    A Look Back At Our Vacation In Bohol

    Happy Sunday! Let me take you back two years ago when we visited Bohol for the first time as a couple. Back in 2009, I booked a short vacation in Bohol but due to personal reasons the planned trip did not pushed through. I haven't met Jonel then so maybe it was destined that most of my travels are with him, I just waited for sometime. Panglao beach on posters are stunning and inviting so I told myself, one day I will experience Panglao and other parts of Bohol. We booked a few months after the major earthquake which destroyed many historical landmarks and heritage tours in Bohol like such as t ...

  • Bohol Revives Urna Religious Carving Tradition

    Bohol Revives Urna Religious Carving Tradition

    To promote Bohol's rich cultural heritage, the Bohol church and provincial government will revive the province's unique urna tradition.

    Urna, vaguely translated into "house shrine," is a delicately carved wooden housing for santos, or religious icons, found in most parts of the country.

    But those made in Bohol before were uniquely exceptional for the high quality of their design and artistry.

    The revival of urna-making was disclosed during the Sandugo, or Blood Compact, festival in Bohol this weekend.

    Fr. Valentino Pinlac, rector of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary here, said ...

  • Alburquerques Sta Monica Church

    Alburquerques Sta Monica Church

    Much has been written about the destruction that the magnitude 7.2 earthquake has done to Bohol last 2013. It laid waste to numerous Spanish-era churches in the region, but there are a few that were able to withstood the 34-second shaking, and one of this is Alburquerque's Sta. Monica Church.

    Standing proud on a low knoll with its singular belfry, the Sta. Monica Church was built in 1842 and is considered as one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. From frail materials, the church structure has since been replaced by coral stones and through the years parts have been added with ...