Sandugo Festival

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

The Sandugo Festival is an annual historical celebration that takes place every year in Tagbilaran City on the island of Bohol. This festival commemorates the Treaty of Friendship between Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol, and Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi. This 16th-century peace treaty occurred on March 16, 1565 through a blood compact or "sandugo".

The Sandugo F ...

estival is held every July. The Tagbilaran City Charter Day on July 1 kicks-off the month-long festival with a holy mass, diana, motorcade and program sponsored by the City Government of Tagbilaran. Among the major activities during the month is the Miss Bohol Sandugo Beauty Pageant, and the Sandugo Street Dancing Competition which is usually held on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of July, and organized by the Bohol Sandugo Foundation, Inc. (BSFI).

Sandugo Festival News

  • Bohols Sandugo Festival 2017

    Bohols Sandugo Festival 2017

    It was a parade of colors and smiles as Boholanos celebrated the Sandugo Festival, the annual grand fiesta in Tagbilaran City to commemorate the blood contract between local chieftain Datu Sikatuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

    Though the historical event happened on March 16, 1565, the province celebrates Sandugo in July in time for the Tagbilaran's charter day (July 1) and Bohol Day (July 22).

    The gathering of all Boholanos (Balik-Bohol) from all over the world also happens during the month of July.

    Last July 29, tourists and thousands of Boholanos flocked to the str ...

  • A Grand Boholano Fiesta At Sandugo Festival 2017

    A Grand Boholano Fiesta At Sandugo Festival 2017

    It?s July and it?s that time of the year for Bohol?s biggest festival, Sandugo. The month-long festival lets both locals and tourists take part in a myriad of activities to celebrate the rich culture of Bohol. Music, art, food, sports, and beauty ? experience the best of Bohol at Sandugo Festival 2017!

    Sandugo Sports Festival

    Head on to the CPG Sports Complex this July 15-16, 9 AM and watch the best swimmers battle it out for supremacy at the Swimming Competition. Witness the action at the Dragon Boat Competition happening on July 16, 7 AM at Miramar, Dauis.

    Sandugo Night Market
    Shop ...

  • Celebrating The Boholano Heritage Culture History And Environment

    Celebrating The Boholano Heritage Culture History And Environment

    My images of Bohol are that of its white sands, cerulean seas, and verdant hills.

    I remember its magnificent churches, which were badly damaged by an earthquake in 2013. Beside one of these churches, at the astonishing Dauis Church convent, I had one of the most exquisite dining experiences. I also have fond memories of the Bee Farm, which at that time satisfied all my vegetarian cravings. I also recall how cute the tarsiers, one of the world's smallest primates, were.

    Ever since my first Bohol visit years ago, I longed to return and see more of this province. Like many other tourists, I ...

  • Bohol Fest Seeks To Be More Historically Faithful And Less Show-bizzy

    Bohol Fest Seeks To Be More Historically Faithful And Less Show-bizzy

    Complaining that the yearly festival commemorating the historic Blood Compact between the Philippines and Spain has degenerated through the years into banal entertainment, organizers said they have tried to make the Sinulog more rooted in Bohol's rich history and heritage.

    Lamenting that the Sandugo has turned into a copycat of Cebu's Sinulog, making it "a little impoverished twin brother," Sandugo 2016 artistic committee head Lutgardo Labad said this year's festival has focused on local cultural forms and crafts as an expression of Boholanos' innate artistry and originality.

    Instead of ...

  • Sandugo Festival Experience Bohols Past And Future

    Sandugo Festival Experience Bohols Past And Future

    Imagine bone, white sand beaches that fit the grooves of our toes perfectly, glass-like and cerulean waters, verdant landscapes and rolling hills. This can be one of many places in the Philippines.

    What makes a place stand out? What makes us keep coming back? What makes a destination a place we can call our second home?

    I've been to Bohol before, to see the Chocolate Hills, the tarsiers, the beaches and the other attractions. They were only a part of a tourist checklist that I gladly ticked off. However, I felt like I missed something during that trip two years ago. I found myself back h ...

  • More Historically Faithful Bohol Fest Promised

    More Historically Faithful Bohol Fest Promised

    Lamenting the degeneration of the street-dancing competition of Bohol's month-long Sandugo Festival "to a routinary exercise of gestures and dance patterns" copied after Cebu's Sinulog, Bohol organizers said they have tried to make the 2016 edition more rooted in the province's history and art forms.

    According to the festival's artistic committee head Lutgardo Labad, Sandugo 2016 will use the native Kuradang dance "as the main basis and inspiration for this year's contest, being the most local of Boholano traditional dance expressions."

    Labad said that by using the dance as the basis of ...