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  • A Blast Fishers Requital

    Rico Cruz was once a blast fisher, albeit only briefly. Now he leads an organization that manages a marine sanctuary in President Carlos P. Garcia, Bohol, Philippines.

    One of 18 children of a blast fisher, Cruz, now 48, became a blast fisher in 1988, when he was in his late 20s. “My father never taught me to do blast fishing – he said it was too dangerous,” Cruz relates. “But in 1988, traders came to our village, offering Php3,000-5,000 to buy fish wholesale. I was a net fisher then and didn't catch enough fish to meet the traders' volume requirements, so I asked a neighbor to show ...

  • Fishers Rediscover Sea-Friendly Gears

    Marine protection nets higher fish yields, incomes for fishers

    Antero “Anter” Baculao is enjoying his best year as a fisher at Danajon Bank, Bohol in central Philippines.

    “I have been fishing for 20 years, and for the first time this year I caught about 30 kilos of barracuda in one fishing trip. I used to catch only mackerels. Now I also catch jacks, barracudas and other fishes.”

    Anter believes much of his “luck” comes from the presence of a marine protected area (MPA) near where he usually fishes. He is one of about 110 fishers on Bilang-bilangan East, a densely populated ...

  • Mayor Promises Zero Illegal Fishing

    When he campaigned as a neophyte candidate in the 2007 local elections, Bien Unido Mayor Nino Rey Boniel had a first good look at the fisheries situation in his hometown in the central Philippine province of Bohol. “Illegal fishing has always been a problem for us, but what I saw told me it had gotten worse,” he says. “Right then I wanted to do something about it.”

    After consulting with the USAID/Fisheries Improved for Sustainable Harvest (FISH) Project, Boniel adopted a strategy that combines hard and soft approaches to law enforcement.

    “We do as much hard enforcement as we ca ...