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  • Bohol Man Made Forest

    The Bohol man-made forest is the first and only man-made forest in the Philippines. It is mainly composed of Mahogany trees about 2 kilometers stretched densely in towns of Bilar and Loboc. It is 5 minutes away from Simply Butterflies Conservation Center and 20 minutes away from Tagbilaran City, the lone City of Bohol. Before entering the Bohol man-made forest, one can see the variety of trees and giant ferns along the road.

    The Bohol man-made forest has been one of the many tourist attractions in the Philippines. It stands out because of its uniformity in height, the spread of the branches ...

  • Man made Forest of Bilar and Loboc Bohol

    It was as though the surrounding landscape morphed from farmlands to forests in an instant, as though our vehicle drove through a portal into a parallel universe. We pulled over and our driver-cum-tour guide dragged us back to reality. "This is the manmade forest," he announced.

    The manmade forest is a 2-kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that carpet the sloping ground where the municipality of Loboc meets Bilar. Travelers going to the Chocolate Hills from Loboc will not miss this.

    We traipsed along the road under the canopy of a lush mahogany forest whose branches curved overhead. I co ...

  • Bilar Man Made Forest Bohol Philippines

    It's my second time in Bohol but with no doubt , Bilar Man-Made Forest still amazes me. It is a 2 kilometer stretch of a man-made mahogany forest located on the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. It was about past four in the afternoon when we drove under the canopy of this beautiful forest and so we asked our driver to pull over for a moment.

    Anyone who would pass by this road would stop because the trees are really just so stunning! By the way, it's along the highway, so for you camwhores out there be careful on taking pictures, vehicles passing through can be very fast.

    Who would no ...