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  • Planning To Visit Panglao Put These 5 Activities On Your Must-Do List

    Planning To Visit Panglao Put These 5 Activities On Your Must-Do List

    Panglao Island is part of the province of Bohol. It's divided into two municipalities, namely Dauis and Panglao, and also includes smaller islands such as Pontod, Balicasag, and Gak-ang.

    Panglao Island is one the popular tourist attractions in the Philippines, and both local and foreign vacationers flock to it because it has several breathtaking beaches. So, if you're planning a vacation to the Philippines and would like to enjoy some sun, sand, and sea, you'll want to spend time in Panglao. But remember: swimming isn't the only thing you can do in the island since there are many other acti ...

  • Bohol Countryside Tour In One Day

    Bohol Countryside Tour In One Day

    After our tour of Panglao island and our wonderful time at one of Bohol's finest resorts, The Bellevue Bohol, next up on our itinerary is the not to be missed "countryside tour" of the island. We moved to Bohol island's capital city of Tagbilaran after checking out from our Panglao island accommodation, staying at a simple, boutique hotel near the city center, had lunch and rested the whole afternoon.

    It was pouring that afternoon, which is totally normal since July is the start of the monsoon season in the Philippines. Thankfully, we did not have anything planned out that day, maybe just t ...

  • Bohol Tour Tarsier Sanctuary Corella Philippines S3 Travel Vlog 82

    Tarsier are one of the smallest primates (fist size), nocturnal, and can commit suicide in captivity due to trauma such as: touching, noise and light. Previously an endangered species, now classified as Near Threatened. Collab with American expat friends SezStyle. Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary of Canapnapan, Corella, Bohol. Philippines Season 3, Travel Vlog 82.