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  • Bird Watching At Tagbilaran Rizal Park B

    In one of my alone time while I was in Tagbilaran City Bohol, I visited the Tagbilaran Rizal Park. It's right across the Bohol National Museum and across of which is the St Joseph the worker Cathedral.

  • Slow And Sometimes Extreme Bohol

    There's something quite liberating about feeling the cool air against your face as you whisk past huts, children in school uniforms walking side by side, and old women in Sunday dresses biking their way to church.

    A walk through a humble pier would take you to a view of the sunset overlooking mangroves and boats, with the occasional father-and-son tandem paddling their way to shore.

    In the early morning, it's common to see bagfuls of pan de sal dangling from the side of motorcycles and bikes, their drivers clearly just having woken up, pedaling home from the nearby bakery where several o ...

  • What To Do In Panglao Bohol

    Panglao is a beautiful island in the Philippines which is found in the southwest region of Bohol. It gains its popularity because of the long and lovely beaches it possess, rich biodiversity which makes it a perfect site for diving and snorkeling activities, interesting geological feature and not to mention the stunning hotels and restaurants that are rising in the island.

    With the many qualities of the island I mentioned, you already know that there are bunch of places this province is proud of.

    [Where to Eat] Bohol Bee Farm

    We visited Bohol Bee Farm right after our Country-Side Tour ...