Punta Cruz Watchtower

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

The Fort of Saint Vincent Ferrer (Fuerte de San Vicente Ferrer) or commonly known as Punta Cruz Watchtower (Bantayan ng Punta Cruz) is a Spanish colonial era watchtower located at the western tip of Tagbilaran City, in the municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol. Also known as Maribojoc Watchtower because of its geographical location, it is located three kilometers (1.9 mi) away from Maribojoc Church. It ...

is known for being the "only perfect isosceles triangle" tower-fort structure in the Philippines.

Punta Cruz Watchtower or Fort of Saint Vincent Ferrer News

  • Bohols Perfect-shaped Landmark Finally Restored After Devastating 2013 Quake

    Bohols Perfect-shaped Landmark Finally Restored After Devastating 2013 Quake

    This century-old watchtower in the Land of Chocolate Hills gets a new look!

    Maribojoc, a fourth class municipality of Bohol, is one of the scenic towns of the province boasting with the panoramic view of the mountains, rolling plains filled with crops and an extensive bay that is rich in marine resources. The province's main source of livelihood comes from agriculture and fishing.

    A town with a vibrant history, you'll find structures that were built during the Spanish period and are centuries-old. One historical site is the Punta Cruz Watchtower.

    The Punta Cruz Watchtower, also known ...

  • The Punta Cruz Watch Tower

    The Punta Cruz Watch Tower

    In Maribojoc, some 14 km west of Tagbilaran City, a curious triangular watch tower oversees the seas South of Bohol. From its windows at the top, you can see Cebu, Siquijor, and Mindanao. The Spanish had it build in 1796 as a look-out post against pirates and Muslim marauders, who at that time where a plague to the people of Bohol.

    Remants of similar triangular towers can be found in a number of other places along the coast of Bohol, such as Panglao, Dauis, Loay, and on Pamilacan island, but this tower is the most intact. The tower of Loay, about 18 km east of Tagbilaran is much eroded by t ...

  • Punta Cruz Watchtower Maribojoc Bohol

    Punta Cruz Watchtower Maribojoc Bohol

    From Hinagdanan Cave, we returned to our airconditioned coaster for the 22 min./21.7-km. drive, via Carlos P. Garcia Ave and Tagbilaran North Road, to Maribojoc where we were to watch the sunset at the Spanish-era Punta Cruz Watchtower, located at the most westerly point of Bohol.

    Built in 1796 as a defense against pirates, the Castillo de San Vicente, as it was called then, has ramparts shaped in a perfect isosceles triangle over which rises a short hexagonal tower. From its windows at the top, coast watchers can see as far as Cebu, Siquijor, and Mindanao.

    Maribojoc was severely hit by ...

  • Punta Cruz Watch Tower

    Punta Cruz Watch Tower

    Built by the Recoletos Priests in 1796, the Punta Cruz Watch Tower serves as an observation tower against the invasion of Moro (or Muslim) pirates. With San Vicente Ferrer as the Patron Saint, the Punta Cruz Watch Tower is also known as Castillo del San Vicente.

    Known in Filipino as Bantayan ng Punta Cruz, the watchtower is made of corals coming from seas near Panglao and Siquijor. The first floor is triangular while the second floor is hexagonal.

    Saved from destruction during the Filipino-American war and the World War II, when the Japanese forces burned the town of Maribojoc in 1944, t ...

  • Mag-aso Falls And Punta Cruz Watchtower

    Mag-aso Falls And Punta Cruz Watchtower

    On our second day in Bohol, we visited the attractions in Antequera and Maribojoc towns, at least 30 minutes drive northwest of Tagbilaran City. Our first destination in our morning itinerary is the Mag-Aso Falls in Antequera.

    To get there, visitors can ride the public utility vehicles from Tagbilaran to Antequera, but the trips seem infrequent, as we have not seen any jeep or mini-bus plying the route during our trip. Upon arriving at the town center's church and market area, tricycles can be hired to take visitors to the waterfalls, only 1.5 km in a narrow road. In our case, we hired the ...

  • Punta Cruz Watch Tower Inside Outside Maribojoc Bohol

    Built in 1796 and dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer, the Punta Cruz watchtower on the shores of Punta Cruz, Maribojoc served as the lookout for incoming pirates. It was part of a wider defends net build along the Visayan coast to protect settlements from slave raiding pirates that struck during the season of the southwestern monsoon. The watch tower is actually a small fort. Rather handsome, it commands an excellent view of Bohol Strait and the neighboring island of Cebu.