Panglao Island

Panglao, Bohol

Panglao is an island in the north Bohol Sea, located in the Central Visayas Region of the Visayas island group, in the south-central Philippines. Panglao has a terrain that range from plain, hilly to mountainous. Panglao is made of Maribojoc Limestone, the youngest of the limestone units found in the western area of Bohol. The limestone composition halted the development of an airport as coralline ...

limestone is soluble which causes formation of caves and sinkholes.

One interesting geological feature found in the island is the Hinagdanan Cave which has an underground water source. The cave is an important water source as the island has no rivers or lakes.

Panglao was known to Chinese, Malay, Siamese and Indonesian traders. In 1803, Spanish explorers came to the shores of Panglao in search of fresh water. At the time a couple of natives on the seashore were making fishing devices called "panggaw". One of the Spaniards asked what the name of the island was. The natives??"who thought the visitors were asking what they were making??"then replied "panggaw". Hence, from that term, was derived the name Panglao.

About 250 new species of crustaceans and 2500 new species of mollusks were found around the island. The discovery was the work of the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project. The project found that Panglao alone has more marine biodiversity than Japan and the Mediterranean sea.

Panglao Island is one of the main tourist destinations on the Philippines. The Alona Beach is the most popular tourist spot on the island, noted for its white sand and clear water. Like Boracay, this place has become crowded due to opening of more and more restaurants and bars. Still the diving around the island is one of the best of the Philippines. Especially Balicasag Island is really worth diving at. If you can avoid to go there in the very high season Alona Beach is still a beautiful place.  Wiki

Panglao Island News

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