Panglao Protected Seascape

Panglao, Bohol

Panglao Island Protected Seascape protects 387 hectares of mangrove area from any form of development that would jeopardize the survivability of the mangrove forests found on the 8,740-hectare Panglao Island located within five barangays in the municipalities of Dauis and Panglao.

Panglao Island Protected Seascape News

  • Philippines Bohol Dive Travel HD

    Dive and travel video HD go pro 2016.

    Panglao Bohol Balicasag Pamilacan Virgin Island

  • Charmed On Islands Spellbound In Water

    Charmed On Islands Spellbound In Water

    Bohols charm lies in its culture, heritage and rich natural resources. Attractions are aplenty that visitors will need days to fully appreciate how this province in Central Visayas has been blessed with unique spots and warm people.

    But a sampling of Bohols best can be packed in 48 hours.

    For two days, tourists can visit the Chocolate Hills, interact with a tarsier, experience calm in a manmade forest, forget time while frolicking on the islands white sand beaches, and more.

    There are two ways to explore Bohol hire a van or go around the island on a motorcycle. But whichever way one c ...

  • Adventure-Filled And Romantic Destinations For Your Next Diving Getaway

    Adventure-Filled And Romantic Destinations For Your Next Diving Getaway

    If you are planning your next romantic weekend, incorporate scuba diving into your holiday to help spice it up. Living in a tropical country surrounded by blue seas, we naturally love spending time underwater, discovering a unique and strange world. But with scuba diving, youre going to explore wonders seldom seen while sharing such excitement with your special someone. Thats why we want to introduce to you these 5 islands, where youll find your time is well spent through an underwater adventure, magic and romance.

  • May Is Ocean Month

    May Is Ocean Month

    As the country celebrates the Month of the Ocean this May, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-7 has arranged activities relevant to the protection and conservation of the diverse coastal and marine resources in the region.

    Mario Aragon, Conservation and Development Division, disclosed the deployment of the autonomous reef monitoring structure (ARMS) this month to Panglao, Bohol during a discussion arranged by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) last May 4.

    According to the website of NOAA FISHERIES, ARMS is a device designed to mimic the structural complexity ...

  • Tarsiers, Spiders And Sea Turtles The Perks Of Island Life

    Tarsiers, Spiders And Sea Turtles The Perks Of Island Life

    From North Luzon we travelled back to Manila, where we stayed again at the hostel with the rooftop lounge. After a cab ride, a flight, another cab ride, a bus ride and a ferry ride, we finally made it to Malapascua Island, just north of Cebu in the evening the next day.


    Malapascua Island is an island about 10km north of Cebu. It is very small, maybe 3km by 1.5km. The island became popular in the 1990s, mainly as a dive destination. There are several local dive sites around the island with coral gardens and coral walls as well as a few dive locations close to Malapascua, ...

  • Nature Adventure At Mt Isarog National Park

    Mt. Isarog is a stratovolcano and is 1,966 meters above sea level. Located in Camarines Sur, Philippines, Mt. Isarog is considered as Southern Luzon's highest forested peak. This is the site of Mt. Isarog National Park. Six municipalities and a city have territorial jurisdiction of Mt. Isarog National Park. These are Calabanga, Tinambac, Ocampo, Tigaon, Goa, Pili, and Naga City.

    Mountain climbers and backpackers will enjoy trekking on Mt. Isarog's slopes for a nature adventure. The best time to visit Mt. Isarog National Park is during the dry months of January to April. The temperature may ...