Panglao Beach

Panglao, Bohol

Panglao Beach on Panglao Island in the north Bohol Sea, located in the Central Visayas Region of the Visayas island group, in the south-central Philippines. Panglao has a terrain that range from plain, hilly to mountainous.

Panglao is made of Maribojoc Limestone, the youngest of the limestone units found in the western area of Bohol. The limestone composition halted the development ...

of an airport as coralline limestone is soluble which causes formation of caves and sinkholes. The most famous Hinagdanan Cave is only a short walk from Panglao Beach.

Panglao Beach News

  • Bohol Beach Club

    If there are two places I really like in the Philippines, then that would be Bohol and Ilocos. The former because life on the island is simple and the beach is pristine. Unlike Boracay which is densely populated, Bohol is far from congestion. The latter? well, that will be another story.

    Thanksgiving of 2016 together with my siblings, we flew Philippine Airlines from NAIA Terminal 2 to Tagbiliran Airport. The one hour, ten minutes flight was slightly turbulent but somewhere Bicol the flight became smooth and I was able to nap.

    Okay, so here’s the thing. The hotel we stayed at is no wa ...

  • The Land Of Chocolate Hills Part 2

    Day 2

    On our 2nd day at Bohol, we decided to just stay at the resort, enjoy the beach and swim.

    We also wanted to have a decent rest from all the lakwatsa we had the previous day and pile up on some energy for a full 2-day lakwatsa in Cebu.

    Our accommodation was an airconditioned room with two twin bed, one has a pullout bed underneath and a private restroom. It comes with complimentary bottled water for each of us and a set breakfast. Wasn't able to take some photos inside as we were tired and jumped on the bed after seeing it. hehe But it really is a good accommodation. Something yo ...

  • Cebu Bohol 2016 Day 2 Bohol

    We took the OceanJet's 8am schedule. It was a 2-hour ferry ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran. The ticket costs 800 each pax /way. Fortunately, we were able to avail their Libre-Balik promo, so our ticket for the next day trip back to Cebu is FREE! yippee. There is a minimal fee if you want your baggage checked-in, though.

    The van we rented picked us from the port upon our arrival. It is a must to rent a car or van for your tour in Bohol. Tourist spots are kinda far from each other and I am not sure if there is a way to commute there. Should there be any, I still suggest you get a van. Below ar ...

  • Fall In Love With Bohol

    Bohol is a province in Central Visayas which is abundant of tourist destinations. From the beautiful landscape of Chocolate Hills, to the home of the smallest primate tarsier, and to the beautiful white sand beaches of Panglao, Bohol is indeed one of the top destination of the local and foreign tourists. Well, I can say I am one lucky woman to be a yearly visitor of this province since I was young. My parents are both native of Bohol that's why we always spend our summer vacation here since we were already residing in the province of Northern Samar.


    • By air: There is ...

  • Cebu Philippines 2016 Wandering PH

    "We came, we saw, we conquered Cebu - Bohol, Philippines"

    4 Days Cebu - Bohol Tour:
    - Cebu City
    - Museo Sugbo
    - Fort San Pedro
    - Kawasan Falls
    - Oslob
    - Chocolate Hills
    - Panglao Beach
    - Baclayon
    - Habitat Bohol
    - Larsian
    - Zubuchon

    Thanks, Enjoy!
    Journey Freaks PH

  • Cebu City DIY Itinerary Guide With Bohol Sidetrip

    Going away from the bustling atmosphere of Metropolitan Manila is one of the best gift you could give to yourself. It's been 2 weeks since we visited and explored the beautiful islands of Cebu City. Cebu City offers an array of scenic spots from majestic falls, adrenaline-pumping canyoneering activities, oldest yet most charming churches, whale shark watching, stunning beaches and so much more.

    General Information (Cebu)

    Cebu City is a first income class island province of the Philippines. It is located in the Central Visayas region, and consisting of the main island itself and 167 surro ...