Pamilacan Island Marine Sanctuary

Baclayon, Bohol

Pamilacan Island is situated 12.5 kilometers south of Bohol island. The island is now seen as a success story in community transformation from their destructive, unsustainable hunting practices, to the protection of their precious marine life. The community now consider themselves as caretakers of the sea, using dolphin & whale watching tours and snorkeling to protect their marine resources by pro ...

viding a valuable alternative livelihood.  Wiki

Pamilacan Island Marine Sanctuary News

  • Pamilacan Island And Dolphin Watching

    Pamilacan Island And Dolphin Watching

    Ten years ago you could've found many boats with fisherman standing at the front, a harpoon in their hands, scanning the horizon and looking for dolphins to hunt. At the time, dolphin hunting was the only way of survival for the people of Pamilacan Island.

  • Pinoy Aquaman Finishes 17.83-km Bohol Swim

    Pinoy Aquaman Finishes 17.83-km Bohol Swim

    Environmental lawyer and marathon swimmer Ingemar "Pinoy Aquaman" Macarine bucked strong currents on Sunday to complete his swim from Pamilacan Island (not Balicasag Island as reported earlier) to Panglao Island in this province.

    He finished the swim despite suffering a sore shoulder after being in the water for almost two hours.

    "All of a sudden I had a problem with my right shoulder," Macarine told reporters who covered his swim.

    "Was thinking of abandoning the swim because of the painful right shoulder," he said, adding he got it during his intense training.

    He had to make quick ...

  • Philippines Bohol Dive Travel HD

    Dive and travel video HD go pro 2016.

    Panglao Bohol Balicasag Pamilacan Virgin Island

  • Pamilacan Island Can Now Enjoy Electricity

    Pamilacan Island Can Now Enjoy Electricity

    Internet connects every single continent and island in the world. But how can everyone connect through the Internet without electricity?

    Alicia Dumaran, a 47-year-old housewife living in Pamilacan Island, Bohol, now has the opportunity to enjoy and experience electrical appliances the whole day.

    Through WeGen Distributed Energy Philippines, Pamilacan now has electricity to use.

    "Napakalaking tulong para sa aming mga mamamayan ng isla na magkaroon ng kuryente dito. Maraming oportunidad ang magbubukas para sa amin," Dumaran told

    Back then, the island only experienced el ...

  • Coron Budget Travel Guide 2017

    Coron Budget Travel Guide 2017

    Once is never enough.

    Heck, when it comes to Coron, four times still won't cut it. This little tourist town in Palawan one of the first destinations we set foot in as travel bloggers, but even after three more visits, we still can't get enough of it. Its jagged corners are bursting with natural beauty and cultural significance: from the lakes and lagoons of Coron Island, to neighboring beaches, to shipwreck dive sites and coral gardens, to saltwater hot springs, to postcard-worthy views from its mountaintops. Heck, they even have an African Safari nearby.

    Yet, every time we return, we al ...

  • Awesome Things To Do In Panglao Island Bohol

    Awesome Things To Do In Panglao Island Bohol

    You've booked your flight to Bohol, packed your sunnies and swim wear and readied your reservation at Panglao Island, what's next? Of course, you're up for some adventure, sun worshipping and indulge in everything the island has to offer! So here are our suggestions on things to do in Panglao Island, Bohol.


    Get a good tan and beach bum your way in the white fine sand with a cool juice fresh from a coconut husk. Panglao Island will make you enjoy or relax on its fine sand and pristine beaches. Take pleasure with some of your fellow beach bums or laze and recluse with a ...