Mabaw Reef Sanctuary

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Mabaw Reef Marine Sanctuary is located in Taloto, Tagbilaran, Bohol and has a size of 2 hectares. In 2010 a two year campaign program was launched to reduce the illegal and destructive fishing activities that caused overfishing and deterioration of coral cover and other marine invertebrates. Since the program completed, the Mabaw sanctuary has received a great deal of local participation, resultin ...

g in a return of corals, fish and other important species, and is now an example to other municipal reef rebuilding projects.

Mabaw Reef Marine Sanctuary News

  • Mabawo Reef Needs More Improvement

    Striking a balance between a sustainable environment and a vibrant economy has always been a tough act to follow. And yet, this has been one of the mission of City Mayor John Geesnell "BABA" Yap. Mayor Yap calls out a united support from the Tagbilaranons to drumbeat the Month of the Ocean with its theme "Biodiversity for Food SeaCUREity".

    The City Mayor underscores its relevance and importance, putting emphasis on our responsibility to revitalize our collaborative conservation efforts. He recognizes the valuable contributions of the Department of Agriculture (DAR), Department of Environmen ...

  • The Buzzz Dive Shop Panglao Bohol Mabaw Reef Ubujan Tagbilaran

    The Buzzz Dive Shop Panglao Bohol Mabaw Reef -­l

  • Tagbilaran City Bullish On Revving Up Tourism

    Feeling it has been left out in the tourism bandwagon, Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell Yap swings to an aggressive tourism push to position the city not just as a way point but a major tourism destination.

    "We wish to promote Tagbilaran, not just as a way-point for tourists, we are ready to receive the tourists," Mayor Yap declared at the Kapihan sa PIA last week.

    Declared by law as the site of the historic blood compact, Tagbilaran City's tourism however could not jump off beyond the pier-Sandugo shrine circuit, with not much effort going into it in the past.

    Mayor yap now promis ...

  • Saulog Tagbilaran

    Gisaulog na usab sa mga taga Tagbilaran ang buhilaman sa kadagatan, ilabi na sa Mabaw Reef atul sa Mabaw Reef Day, niadtong Abril 17, 2015.

    Ang Mabaw Reef Marine Sanctuary usa ka takot nga makit-an tungod sa Ubujan ug naa sa ngilbit sa Maribojoc, ug Cortes apan sakop sa Tagbilaran, mga 1.5 kilometro gikan sa Taloto, o 15-20 minutos nga lawig sa pumboat.

    Usa na ka lugar sa dagat nga dili papangisdaan, ang Mabaw ikatulo nga nadeklara nga silonganan sa mga isda sa Tagbilaran, may nahibilin pang nindot ug himsug nga mga gasang nga gisilongan sa mga dagko ug gagmay nga isda.

    Sa paghimong d ...

  • Mayor Yap Wants Mabaw Reef Protected

    Striking a balance between a sustainable environment and a vibrant economy has always been a tough act to follow. And yet, this has been one of the missions of City Mayor John Geesnell "BABA" Yap – to enable Tagbilaran City achieve its vision of becoming a highly livable city.

    In a recent interview with The Philippine Star correspondent Rainier Allan Ronda last week, Mayor Yap underscored the successful partnership between the city government and RARE Philippines, a non-governmental organization dedicated in promoting awareness in the protection of marine and coastal resources through com ...

  • US Envoy Visits Bohol Pushes For Marine Conservation

    U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas visited Bohol the other day urging the people to help in the preservation of the Philippines' natural resources and the environment, especially marine life.

    Thomas, while meeting with local government officials, relayed his advocacy to public school pupils of Barangay Taloto of this capital city by reading to them a story about fish in Mabaw Reef.

    Mabaw Reef, offshore of this city, is a marine protected area (MPA) where some of the children's parents have been depending on their livelihood in fishing.

    "The best way to ensure the succe ...