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  • Pinoy Aquaman Makes Splash Anew In Cebu-Bohol Swim

    Pinoy Aquaman Makes Splash Anew In Cebu-Bohol Swim

    In preparation for his biggest swim in the English Channel next month, endurance swimmer and environment lawyer Ingemar ?Pinoy Aquaman? Macarine made waves anew after completing the 18.15-kilometer swim from Argao town in Cebu to Cabilao Island in Loon, Bohol Sunday afternoon.

    The feat was part of Macarine?s long swim training in preparation for the English Channel crossing next month, which would take from Dover in England to Callais in France covering a total distance of 33 kilometers.

    Macarine finished the pioneering route from Argao Port to Barangay Pantudlan, Cabilao Island in Loon ...

  • Danicop Spring And Waterfalls A DIP In One Of Bohols Cold Spring

    Danicop Spring And Waterfalls A DIP In One Of Bohols Cold Spring

    We all have a different taste of summer destination when summertime in the Philippines arrives. Some would probably go to the beach and savor what it has to offer, some would climb mountains or some would love to stay in their house while enjoying the comfort of their house has to offer. Truly, summer in the Philippines can really get swelteringly hot during summer and we invariably look for an alternative outdoor activity and a summer getaway to enjoy and find ways to reduce and be refreshed from the high temperature of a summer heat.

    A sleepy town of Loon in Bohol owns a cold spring that ...

  • Bohols Punta Baluarte Eco-Museum

    Bohols Punta Baluarte Eco-Museum

    It is safe to say that it was my first time to enter in a eco-museum. That first time happened in Punta Baluarte Eco-Musuem in Cabilao Island.

    I was in awe when i saw there the different kinds of common shells and corals, big and small ones. Some of them are known to me but mostly are unknown to my knowledge.

    Aside from corals and shells, there are also fishing paraphernalia display in the corner with the corresponding names.

    If you happen to be amused with sea corals and shells, this museum is a good place for you.

    Meanwhile, check also Polaris Beach Dive Resort in their website, ...

  • The Visayas Philippines From Above

    The Philippines are a dream destination not only for divers. Nature lovers and sun seekers feel equally fascinated by the more than 7000 islands, the Philippines have to offer.

    This video shows the natural beauty of the Visayas region (Islands of Cabilao, Bohol and Negros) using a quadcopter to acquire to footage.

  • Bohol Cabilao Seahorse

    Cabilao Seahorse at Bohol.

  • Pygmy SeaHorse Philippines Visayas Cabilao

    Pygmy SeaHorse at Cabilao, Visayas, Philippines.