Lonoy Spring

Jagna, Bohol

Lonoy Spring is located in Jagna, Bohol. The cold spring in the highlands of Lonoy is a popular destination during the warm months. Sheltered under big trees, the clear freshwater pool is best for that much-needed ice-cold dip in summer.

Lonoy Spring News

  • Jagna This Busy Town Is The Next Go-To Place In Bohol

    We were on the road for about two hours. The typical countryside scene—coconut trees, some houses by the highway, green rice paddies–almost didn't change…until we reached the town of Jagna.

    It was a busy place. People moved here and there, and despite having no tall buildings, the town's marketplace is crowded with establishments. I sensed progress from all the hustle and bustle, which even made me ask Mike if Jagna is already city. He said no. It's a third-class coastal town, and its main industry is farming, not fishing. Well, I told myself, maybe it will be a city soon.

    At the m ...

  • Lonoy Cold Spring in Jagna Bohol

    Lonoy Cold Spring at Lonoy, Jagna, Bohol.