Loay News

  • Himontagon Hills A Serene And Picture-Perfect Local Secret In Loay Bohol

    The first time I laid eyes on Bohol, I simply couldn't help falling in love with its dramatic beauty and bucolic charm. Even since then, I kept coming back to this island paradise, to admire its sought-after treasures and enthralling spots. But, eventually, the sight of the iconic Chocolate Hills, Panglao and its other famous spots became a bit of mundane to me. After all, I have explored all of Bohol's quintessential tourist trails not just once, but on a number of occasions since childhood. And, so, I decided to dive into a less-explored path – Himontagon Hills – to add a breath of fre ...

  • Clarin Ancestral House Experience Tour

    Nestled in the heart of Loay in Bohol, the Clarin Ancestral House is not your typical 2-storey square house. This majestic ancestral home stands with a strong influence of Bohol's past.

    The Clarin Ancestral House is a Filipino-Spanish designed residence built during the 1840s. The house was built with coral stone foundations, roughly hewn wooden posts, polished wooden floorboards, and wood plank walls; thus bahay (balay) tabla. The upper floor contains the living quarters and has large and wide windows with shutters decorated with capiz shells.

    This imposing abode is a mute witness to t ...

  • A Tour To The Past At Bohols Clarin Ancestral House

    Nestled in the heart of Loay in Bohol, an ancestral house stands with a strong influence of the past. The Clarin Ancestral House that dates back in 1840 is a majestic ancestral home that served as the dwelling place of the Clarin Family in Bohol. The Clarin Family is among the most eminent political families. Members of their family became Mayors and Congressmen in Bohol and were very much influential by that time.

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