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  • Bohol Ubi Festival 2016

    Even if I’ve been to Bohol so many times already in the past 18 months, the beauty of this place still enchants me. It’s not just the province but the warm hospitality of every Boholano that fills my heart with joy in each and every visit. And I am always delightfully surprised in every trip that there are still a lot wonderful things to discover and learn in Bohol, just like the recent Bohol Ubi Festival 2016 which was held just last January.

    The Ubi Festival is held once a year to celebrate the crop that feeds Bohol and other parts of the country. This festival also serves as proof of ...

  • 3 Day Ubi Festival 2015 To Start On Wedn

    The Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBH) will hold the 15th Ubi Festival on Wednesday and the cap off on Friday (Jan. 21-23, 2015) at the Plaza, Pob. 2, Tagbilaran City.

    Carries the theme “Ubi’ng Bol-anon: Tubag sa Kagutom ug sa Nagka-usab nga Panahon,” the activities will kick-off with the motorcade at 9:00 a.m. starting at the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA), Capitol Annex Ground, Dao ICM J.A. Clarin St. CPG North Avenue Maria Clara St. Gallares St. Galleria Luisa Mall where the opening program to be held at 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon.

    Department of Agriculture (DA) 7 Re ...

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  • Bohols Ubi Festival 2015

    When we talk of Ubi, Bohol is one of the producers in the Philippines of this crop. Ubi is very popular in Bohol since Ubi grows best in the province. Due to abundance of Ubi in the province, several delicacies in Bohol have been mixed with this crop. Calamay which is the very popular delicacy of Bohol has already added ubi flavor.

    I have already heard about Ubi festival way back years ago when I was still in college but I don’t have enough information about the festival by that time. This festival may not be as popular as the Sandugo Festival but this is one way for Boholanos to be thank ...

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