Lamanoc Island

Anda, Bohol

Lamanoc Island is located in Anda, Bohol Province. Lamanoc is touted as the Cradle of Anda's Civilization, displaying the beauty of unspoilt nature and rustic history and culture of early Andahanons. Lamanoc Island is known for its lush vegetation and tall limestone cliffs.

According to the folklore, the name Lamanoc was derived from the practice of shaman in preparing for their ri ...

tuals in Lamanoc Cave. They usually bring native chicken (manok) as the main offering to their gods. This practice still lives on until now.

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  • La Manok Island Or Manocmanoc Island Travel Guide

    La Manok Island Or Manocmanoc Island Travel Guide

    La Manoc Island | La Manok Island or Manocmanoc Island Travel Guide locatedin the Visayan sea, in between Masbate and Cebu but geographically speaking, it is part of Masbate. It?s about 35 minutes from Carnaza, Daan Bantayan, Cebu. No cottages, facilities and no entrance fee.

  • La Manok Island A Slice Of Paradise At The Northernmost Tip Of Cebu That You Should Visit

    La Manok Island A Slice Of Paradise At The Northernmost Tip Of Cebu That You Should Visit

    I genuinely love to stay longer on the Island of Carnaza, but La Manok Island is calling us to traipse our feet on its low profile and yet alluring innate state. I have just heard about the La Manok Island and I have no idea what the island looks like. While heading to this Island we were still given a chance to see more of Carnaza Island with all its hidden white sand beaches, stunning cliffs and coastal sceneries that really left us in awe. Thanking our boatman for making our experienced on Carnaza Island amazing by letting us see what Carnaza Island really is. It was a quick tour around Car ...

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    Carnaza Island Discovering The Different Face Of Its Natural Beauty

    In the backyard of my mind, I kept the imagery and the serene desire of embracing the unspoiled and unpretentious innate beauty of an Island. This slowly grows and remain just a desire until I finally traipse my two little itchy feet on the Island that I have not expected to be equally astonishing as my serene desire have long been wanting to see and own.

    Summer in the Philippines could be really hot and this is the season that most people would likely be really exciting about. It is when most sun soakers and beach hawkers really waited. Cebu has a lot of white powdery sand beaches along wi ...

  • Lamanoc Island Bohols Mystical Cradle Of Civilization

    Lamanoc Island Bohols Mystical Cradle Of Civilization

    Get to know why it's called as the cradle of civilization of Bohol.

    Anda, a fifth class municipality of Bohol Province, is a small peninsula found at the eastern tip of the island facing the Mindanao Region.

    This rustic town offers lots of must-visit tourist spots, one of which is the Lamanoc Island located in Sitio Dapanas, Barangay Badiang, Anda, Bohol.

    Lamanoc is regarded as a mystical island and also dubbed as the "cradle of civilization" of the province. By exploring the island, you'll be able to understand why it is called as such.

    Visitors can either travel on foot when low ...

  • Bohol Andas Mystical Lamanoc Island

    Bohol Andas Mystical Lamanoc Island

    A vast field of mangroves filled more than half my vision as I start my way down a two story rocky stairway. Somewhere beyond this 1,400 hectares of mangrove at Cogtong Bay, Anda, Bohol is Lamanoc Island, a small limestone island enveloped in an eerie veil of tales of a banished witch and a place where shamans congregate. Why would I visit such a spooky island? Because within its shallow caverns and lush tangled vegetation are remnants of a fascinating culture dating far beyond the pre-colonial era.

    From Mangroves to the Island

    The 310-meter boardwalk cutting through the mangrove forest ...

  • Bohol Anda Travel Guide

    Bohol Anda Travel Guide

    While Bohol is best known for Chocolate Hills, old churches and the beaches of Panglao, the far eastern town of Anda is fast emerging as its next must-visit destination. This small, quaint town is home to stretches of fine white sand beaches that could rival those in Panglao. Aside from its beaches, Anda also has cool cave pools, spectacular dive sites and eco-cultural destinations. As most of its attractions are not yet over-commercialized, Anda appeals more to travelers and backpackers seeking to commune with nature.

    This travel guide to Anda, Bohol will provide you with basic information ...