Kawasan Falls Bohol

Balilihan, Bohol

Kawasan Falls is located at Brgy. Candasig, Balilihan, Bohol. It is cool and clear water flowing from above and refreshing bath. You can swim at the small pond below the waterfall.

Kawasan Falls Bohol News

  • 2 Waterfalls In Bohol Tagbilaran That Shouldnt Be Missed

    2 Waterfalls In Bohol Tagbilaran That Shouldnt Be Missed

    Bohol- island which has to offer a lot, starting with tarsiers, chocolate hills and finishing with waterfalls and beaches by the sea. There are 2 waterfalls which shouldnt be missed if you stay in Tagbilaran or Panglao island. Of course, there are plenty of waterfalls on the island, but most of them are more far away from Tagbilaran and wouldnt be suitable for half day trip.

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    Discovering the island of Bohol, the Philippines, by scooter - seeing Tarsiers, the Chocolate Hills and much more!

  • Bohol The Not So Famous Kawasan Falls Of Trinidad

    Bohol The Not So Famous Kawasan Falls Of Trinidad

    There are many famous destinations in Bohol that have been under the radar of many travelers, but recently another destination has now been added on that list. Hidden between the wide and massive forests between two towns in Bohol, Trinidad and San Miguel, lays a beautiful treasure that is way beyond your expectations. Kawasan Falls is one of the gems in the province that is now being promoted by the local government as well as a way to improve ecotourism in the province.

  • Kawasan Falls Balilihan Bohol Moto-Adventure

    I had a Solo Adventure to A falls in Bohol, Philippines, so I thought of making a short vlog about it. I traveled with my customized Yamaha Xtz 125 Dual sport motorcycle.

  • 3D2N In Bohol Be Awed With Such Grandeurs

    3D2N In Bohol Be Awed With Such Grandeurs

    Bohol is one of the world renowned and distinguished tourist destinations. It is prominent in terms of white beaches and beautiful resorts, caves, waterfalls but the most popular tourist destination are the Chocolate Hills with its numerous mounds of limestone formations.

  • The Other Side Of Bohol

    The Other Side Of Bohol

    It's not a total surprise to know that the province of Bohol has so much to offer other than its popular tourist destinations like the Loboc River and the Chocolate Hills. From heritage houses to adventurous treks to farm life, the unexplored side of this stunning island is nothing but exhilarating. Clearly, Bohol will never run out of new and exciting things.


    Known as the gateway to Bohol, this buzzing city has a well-kept secret that's hidden within plain sight. Tagbilaran is home to several heritage assets filled with beauty and history. The Tagbilaran Heritage Walk covers ...