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  • Centennial Narra Tree Eyed To Boost Tourism

    Officials of barangay Mayana, about 15 kms. uphill from this eastern bustling port town, are wishing to make its centennial narra tree a tourism come-on of their barangay.

    Barangay Chairman Sofronio Gallano issued this statement when personnel of the DENR-7, led by provincial environment and natural resources officer (PENRO) Nestor Canda, recently inspected the area where the century-old narra is located.

    The tree is already protected via a legislative measure, approved by the Barangay Council, after it was declared in 1998 as the number three among the largest in the country, said Canda ...

  • Narra In Jagna The Largest Of Its Kind

    Narra In Jagna The Largest Of Its Kind

    The mere existence of a giant Narra (some called it "Naga") in mountain Barangay Mayana, Jagna town makes one wonder how or why it grows there for so long a time.

    Visitors are still wondering upon seeing in awe the giant Narra after traversing about 300 meters away from the national highway of Barangay Mayana, Jagna town.

    It has not withered, still green with its hovering canopy, which is depriving other plants species under it. It's still robust, whose whole body, trunk, branches, twigs and leaves grow a mini forest of shrubs, parasites, such as balite, birds and insects.

    Its trunk i ...

  • Lonoy Cold Spring in Jagna Bohol

    Lonoy Cold Spring at Lonoy, Jagna, Bohol.

  • Trekking To Balili Cave In Jagna Bohol Philippines

    Trekking to the newly opened to public Balili Cave in Jagna, Bohol, Philippines.

  • Can-uba Beach Jagna Bohol

    Can-uba, Jagna, Bohol - pebble beach Philippines, 2014.

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  • Lonoy Jagna Bohol

    Lonoy Jagna Bohol

    I was born in Lonoy, Jagna, Bohol. I live here for more than 10 years and sometimes I still visit this place. I miss the serenity and simplicity living in a barrio like Lonoy.

    Lonoy is located in the mountain part in Jagna, Bohol. It is just around 15-30 minutes of travel from the town's proper. It is part of the history because of The Battle of Lonoy. The Battle of Lonoy in 1901 was a bloody American surprise attack launched on Filipino insurgents that killed over 400 in the Philippine American War.

    Lonoy is already a parish and you can hear mass everyday. It has one elementary school a ...