Himontagon Hills

Loay, Bohol

The Himontagon Hills are a group of hills located in Loay, Bohol, Philippines, about 20 kilometers from the Tagbilaran City. The hill is a very scenic place overlooking the Bohol Sea. Despite its natural beauty, it is not a well known tourist spot and is frequented only by nature photographers. During clear weather, Mount Hibok-Hibok in Camiguin is very visible.

Himontagon Hills News

  • Himontagon Hills A Serene And Picture-Perfect Local Secret In Loay Bohol

    The first time I laid eyes on Bohol, I simply couldn't help falling in love with its dramatic beauty and bucolic charm. Even since then, I kept coming back to this island paradise, to admire its sought-after treasures and enthralling spots. But, eventually, the sight of the iconic Chocolate Hills, Panglao and its other famous spots became a bit of mundane to me. After all, I have explored all of Bohol's quintessential tourist trails not just once, but on a number of occasions since childhood. And, so, I decided to dive into a less-explored path – Himontagon Hills – to add a breath of fre ...

  • The Morning Hills In Bohol

    A simple yet so natural and relaxing place to enjoy the morning sun, Himontagon Hills or Morning Hills in Loay, Bohol Philippines.

  • Himontagon Hills At Loay Bohol

    We are no expert and we are novice! But because we are head over heels to hiking, mountaineering, travelling, adventures and stuff alike, we squeezed to our busy sleeping schedule a quick hike to Himontagon Hills or known for some as Morning Hills. Morning Hills is located at Botoc, Loay, Bohol, 15 – 20 Minutes bus ride from Tagbilaran City.

    Our original plan was to ride the first trip bus bound for Jagna, Bohol at 4:30 am; however we ended up negotiating with a tricycle driver because the original plan was actually unsure. I and my cousin "kano" fetched Jonnadhel near their house in Talo ...

  • Sunset Vistas In Bohol

    "I am very fond of sunsets. Come, let us go look at a sunset…", the Little Prince said in Antoine de Saint Exupery's most famous novel.

    Being an archipelagic country, one is never too far from a postcard-perfect coastal sunset view in the Philippines. The country has enough islands with gorgeous sunsets that would make The Little Prince envious.

    During our last visit to Bohol, we visited both popular and lesser-known spots for watching sunsets.

    Rocky Sunset

    Traveling on the main coastal highway from Tagbilaran past the town of Baclayon, the structures on the seawall abruptly ende ...

  • Aerial View Of Himontagon Hills At Bohol Philippines

    Practise flight of Drone Aerial videography at Himuntagon Hills Loay Bohol, Philippines.

  • Himontagon Morning Hills

    Himontagon Hills or best known as Morning Hills is a wallet friendly tourist destination in Bohol, no entrance fee; it only cost you the fare from the City or wherever you head from, located in Botoc, Loay, Bohol, Philippines. Just 30-40 minutes bus ride from the Heart of the province, Tagbilaran City.

    Its natural scenic view will surely leave an astounding image in your mind even more glamour than your camera could ever capture. Eye tantalizing picturesque during sunrise or sunset would perhaps help you unwritten the pain of the past.

    I and my friend Ernie led to the place one morning t ...