Hambongan Island Sanctuary

Inabanga, Bohol

Hambongan Island Marine Sanctuary is located in Hambongan, Inabanga, Bohol, and has a size of 14 hectares. About a decade ago, a marine sanctuary was declared near the shores of Hambongan to protect reefs and replenish fish. Since conservation efforts were first enacted, the fish abundance and biomass have increased. One fisher said he could barely catch a kilogram of fish a day. Now he can catch ...

one fish that is over a kilogram. His catch is still small, but the size is bigger. He used to harvest 200 kilograms of seaweed and now it has almost doubled to 350 kilograms.

Hambongan Island Marine Sanctuary News

  • SOS A Plea To Save Our Seas

    SOS A Plea To Save Our Seas

    Looking into the ocean is like looking into the soul of the world; a soul that is infinite, beautiful in every way and in perfect harmony with the rest of the cosmos.

    Deep as the eye can see and vaster than anything on this planet, our oceans are wellsprings of both life as we know it, and the stuff of dreams we hope to never wake from.

    They are counting on us ??" the time is now to save our oceans and seas and all that dwell in them, from shoal to shore and from sun to sand.

    Check out these Philippine beaches we at PeopleAsia have visited and have fallen in love with; join us and the ...

  • Rare Catch

    Rare Catch

    "We don't just teach them how to fish, we teach them to have fish forever." This, according to Don Sucalit, is the goal of Rare, an international non-profit organization engaged in marine conservation that involves fisherfolk in the effort.

    Sucalit, who is senior director of Rare-Philippines, says the organization's strategy is to place conservation in the hands of local communities whose livelihood largely depend on fishing to ensure continuity of the program.

    He laments that despite efforts to introduce sustainable fisheries management in the past decades, there is continued difficul ...

  • An Island a Fisher And a Sanctuary Q and A With a Former Illegal Fisher

    Fishers like Jesus Sucajel from Hambongan Island, Inabanga, Philippines, do not need charts and statistics to validate the depletion of marine resources. He sees it in diminishing daily catches, lost income and increases in illegal fishing methods like those using dynamite and cyanide.

    From 2010 to 2012, Rare partnered with the government of Inabanga to reach the 643 Hambongan residents who depend on the sea. Sucajel emerged as a natural, trusted leader and voice for the community. After decades of being part of a skilled fishing family that had increasingly relied on dynamite to bring in a ...

  • Talking With Conservation Fellow Renante Cempron

    Talking With Conservation Fellow Renante Cempron

    The islanders of Hambongan, Philippines keep no secrets. The 643 inhabitants are virtually all related. The clichéd white sand beaches and azure waters that shift hues with drifting clouds belie a cruel, well-known reality. In recent decades, fish catches have plummeted and the fishers have responded with dynamite. Deep cracks in the elementary school's walls evidence the desperate and dangerous ramifications of the blasts. The people of Hambongan have always fished these crystalline waters. They know no other way of life.

    About a decade ago, a marine sanctuary was declared near the shores ...

  • Saving Meloy - Hambongan Islands RARE Pride Campaign

    Saving Meloy - Hambongan Islands RARE Pride Campaign

    Like Saving Nemo, the Disney film with a lovable clown fish ??" Meloy is the mascot of the Hambongan Island RARE Pride Campaign. He is a Phanter Grouper ??" a fish that belongs to a vulnerable group of species that lives in the local reefs. The fish are used for food and are popular with those who are aquarium hobbyists. As a result, the numbers of Phanter Grouper have gone down dramatically.

    Meloy was chosen because he is a signature fish of the region and I have to admit, for a fish, he is very cute. Since 1997, Inabanga has been working with fish wardens, coastal police, and barangay tan ...

  • Rare Pride Campaign launched for Inabanga Hambongan Island Marine Sanctuary

    Rare Pride Campaign launched for Inabanga Hambongan Island Marine Sanctuary

    Lasting change must be community led. That is the rationale behind the environmental conservation programs of Rare, a US-based conservation organization that works globally to equip people in the world's most threatened areas with the tools and motivation they need to care for their natural resources.

    Last week, we were invited to join the team from Rare on Hambongan Island as they launched the Inabanga Rare Pride Campaign together with the people of Inabanga, Bohol.

    What is a Pride Campaign
    At the cornerstone of Rare's work is a unique tool called the Pride Campaign. Its mix of capaci ...