Guindulman News

  • Plunder Vandalism Nearly Empty Bohol Burial Site

    Heritage advocates are calling for the preservation and protection of the remaining ancient coffins in Guindulman town, Bohol that have been plundered and vandalized.

    Only at least 20 boat-like coffins remain inside the caves on the cliff in Barangay Basdio, Guindulman town, about 97 kilometers from here, when there used to be hundreds of them.

    These coffins have also shown discoloration and decay because they had been exposed to heat, humidity and rain.

    Prof. Jose Marianito Luspo, local historian, said there is a need to preserve the boat coffins in Bohol before these disappear due t ...

  • Marine Sanctuary

    The Basdio Marine Sanctuary located at Basdio, Guindulman, Bohol is an 18.4-hectare fishing ground purposely established by the Municipal Government with the close coordination of the Barangay Council and the fisher-folks of the barangay, in an effort to rehabilitate and protect the marine resources in the area which have been their perennial source of food and livelihood.

    Favored of its enticing and earthy rocky-steep setting and graced of its picturesque array of coral stones and the lovely cultured fishes underwater, this very humble marine sanctuary has been the angle for excursions, to ...

  • Basdio Marine Sanctuary In Bohol

    The Basdio Marine Sanctuary is 18.4 hectares of fishing ground established by the fishermen of Barangay Basdio in an effort to improve and protect the marine resources in the area which is their perennial source of food and income. The sanctuary was established to answer the need to preserve the aquatic resources in Basdio which has dwindled.

    Basdio is one of the coastal barangays of the municipality of Guindulman, Bohol and is considered as one of the most destitute. The people cannot get much from their land where the soil is so thin and most areas are covered with rocks. The lack of wate ...