Getafe News

  • A Day Tour At Pandanon Island

    One of the many perks of being employed in a company is the travel budgets, James was part of a group which were given budget after winning a specific company competition and since it was summer, everyone agreed to spend it in a day tour at Pandanon Island.

    Pandanon Island is a little island which is part of Jetafe, Bohol. If coming from Jetafe it would only take 30 minutes of boat travel but more than an hour if coming from Mactan, Cebu.

    The island’s white sands and green trees captivates the passengers on a JnN ship on its way to Ubay, Bohol. I personally had been seeing this island ...

  • ELAC Sets Program To Save Danajon Barrie

    The Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC), a non-government organization, has initiated a program to save the Danajon Double Barrier Reef from destructive fishing methods---dynamite, liba-liba and fine nets---that were continuously used by unscrupulous fishermen in the area.

    ELAC held a roundtable discussion on the sad state of the only double barrier reefs in Asia, also known as the Danajon Bank, provisions of the Fisheries Code (Republic Act 8550) and steps in conserving the reefs.

    ELAC area coordinator Joselyn Caseres led the talks along with ELAC lawyer Astrox Canama. Aniceta ...

  • ELAC Initiates Save Danajon Double Barri

    Harmful fishing methods are constantly employed by unscrupulous fishermen in catching fish along the rich Danajon Double Barrier Reefs (DDBR), participants learned this during the special meeting last week. The top three deleterious fishing methods are dynamite, liba-liba and use of fine mesh nets.

    The Environmental Legal Assistance Center, a non-government organization, has initiated what it called a round table discussion on sad state of the only double barrier reefs in Asia, the Danajon Double Barrier Reefs comprising four provinces.

    The discussion held at JJs Seafood Restaurant last ...

  • The Banacon Mangrove Forest Bohol

    The Banacon Island Mangrove Forest is a 425 hectares mangrove forest in Getafe, Northern Bohol. About 15 hectares are on dry land and 410 hectares are on the tidal salt flat area. This widespread mangrove plantation is now a rising tourist attraction in the Visayan island province. The charming trails beneath intersecting mangrove (Rhizophora stylosa) trees are gasping to behold. These trees primarily make up the river systems, estuaries and off-shore islands of the Bohol province.

    This mangrove forest has attracted an increasing number of local and foreign tourists who come to do stand-up ...