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  • Pandanon Island A Piece Of Paradise

    Philippines is a name truncated from "Philippine islands" which is derived from King Philip II of Spain in the 16th century. Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands. Due to this topographical nature of the country, countless sea –related leisure and adventure activities were common. Sea sports are really fad, ranging from snorkeling, wake boarding, surf boarding, parasailing, canoeing, kayaking, dragon boat racing, fin swimming, free-diving, cave and deep diving. Other underwater recreational activities are also common like underwater photography and videography. With that ...

  • Philippines US Manufacturer Aims To Improve 1 Million Lives By Recycling Fishing Nets

    Abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear — including nets — makes up about 10 percent of marine waste globally, but an Atlanta-based manufacturer is embarking on a large-scale cleanup effort while helping impoverished fishermen earn extra income to improve the lives of 1 million people by 2020.

    Through the Net-Works programme, U.S.-based Interface Inc, one of the world's largest carpet tile manufacturers, has enabled community members of some of the Philippines' most under-served fishing villages to gather and sell discarded nets, with the aim of restoring the environment and ...

  • Pandao Island The Secluded And Unexplored Innate Gem Of Getafe Bohol

    Venturing forth into the unknown cloistered white island existed in Bohol, called Pandao Island together with my travel buddies. I never got wind about this Island before not until a good friend of mine unexpectedly suggested to visit Pandao Island.

    Pandao Island is located in Getafe, Bohol. It has an estimated 20 min boat ride from the mainland of Baud, Getafe, Bohol. An island that speaks so much about innate beauty. This has been the only white Island I have visited that left me in deep reverence for nature.

    My weekend was bidden by my office mates Lilia Meraveles and her sister Jovie ...

  • Pandanon Island A Piece Of Bohol A Trip From Cebu

    The white columns, ruins of probably a perfectly functional structure, were the first to grab my attention. Actually, the second. The first was the big house that stood by the beach like a cold, pale giant that was very imposing and very out-of-place. The house and the ruins stuck out and stood out in a sea of blues as we approached the island. Moving closer, the long white strip of sand was revealed slowly, pulling us out of our Mediterranean dream to tropical reality.

    Our boat was not able to reach the beach for the water was too shallow. We had to wade through the water to reach dry land ...

  • Banacon Island The Perfect Getaway

    Banacon Island, Getafe in the northern coast of Bohol. Heralded by the Bohol provincial government as an ecotourism destination for what it considers to be the biggest mangrove plantation in the country.

    The island has 425 hectares of mangrove forests and its proximity to Cebu makes access easy for those seeking an outdoor adventure.

    From Tagbilaran City, a 3-hour bus ride to Getafe wharf followed by a 20-minute pump boat ride will take you to the island.

    But for residents of Ermita, Cebu City with relatives in Banacon, a visit to the island could mean just a short 30-minute ride on p ...

  • A Day Tour At Pandanon Island In Jetafe Bohol

    One of the many perks of being employed in a company is the travel budgets, James was part of a group which were given budget after winning a specific company competition and since it was summer, everyone agreed to spend it in a day tour at Pandanon Island.

    Pandanon Island is a little island which is part of Jetafe, Bohol. If coming from Jetafe it would only take 30 minutes of boat travel but more than an hour if coming from Mactan, Cebu.

    The island's white sands and green trees captivates the passengers on a JnN ship on its way to Ubay, Bohol. I personally had been seeing this island wh ...