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  • Dam-agan Falls Bohol

    Better late than never! haha this was back in November 2016 Dam-agan Falls, dimiao, bohol.

    kaleidoscope by ukiyo

  • Chasing Waterfalls On Bohol Island

    Chasing Waterfalls On Bohol Island

    My favorite day on Bohol, Philippines was spent hanging out at the most incredible waterfall I've ever experienced. It was all thanks to Jammy, a beautiful local girl who claims to be the unofficial princess of Bohol. I met Jammy on Instagram and she promised to show me around when I came to Bohol and can't thank her enough for this amazing day.

    Normally I share location names and directions with you but when the Princess of Bohol gives you orders you follow them!

    We drove an hour on the moped and met Jammy at the markets. We followed behind her as she drove away on a habal-habal through ...

  • Dam-agan Falls In Dimiao Bohol Philippines

    One of the 3 major waterfalls (Pahangog, Ingkumhan, Dam-agan) which all can be found in the town of Dimiao, Dam-agan Falls offers an awesome pack of adventure to those who want to chill out from the scorching heat of summer. Its deep waterfall basin is perfect for plunge diving and the people around the area are very friendly and accommodating.

    Location: Catugasan, Dimiao, Bohol (15-minute ride from Poblacion)
    Entrance Fee: P10
    Mode of Transportation: Motorcycle/Habal-Habal (P40)

  • The Stunning Pahangog Twin Falls In Dimiao Bohol

    The Aerial View of Stunning Pahangog Twin Falls in Dimiao, Bohol, Philippines.

  • Dimiao Church

    San Nicolas Tolentino Church or Dimiao Church located in Dimiao, Bohol.

  • San Nicolas Tolentino Church In Dimiao

    San Nicolas Tolentino Church In Dimiao

    San Nicolas Tolentino Church in Dimiao

    Dimiao is a town along the southern edge of Bohol. The convenient circumferential road takes you to all of the major towns around Bohol. My bus from Tagbilaran City is heading to the town of Valencia which conveniently passes by the town of Dimiao. The town is rather unremarkable and probably the only place worth visiting here would be the old church.

    From Another Angle

    The church of Dimiao is dedicated to San Nicolas Tolentino also known as Saint Nicholas of Tolentine and was probably built in the 1700s. The church has two bell towers flanking e ...