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  • Panglao Island Nature Resort And Spa-Cam

    Cambagat Cave inside in Panglao Island Resort in Bohol. It is 12 feet deep of cold water.

  • Cambagat Cave in Bohol

    Cambagat Cave is located inside the Panglao Island Nature Resort in Bohol. It is near the other more famous cave, the Hinagdanan Cave. But since we were staying at PINR, we get to enjoy this cave more. We went there twice, mostly for picture taking!

    Unlike Hinagdanan, Cambagat cave is being maintained by the resort and a staff will accompany the guests during their visit inside the cave. There are lights inside the cave that makes it look more pretty inside!

    The rock formations are natural but the floor of the cave has been somewhat altered because there were pebbles in the floor.

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  • Dolphin and Sea Turtle Trapped In Fishin

    Rescuers of this coastal town and of Dauis town have recently rescued and freed a dolphin and a sea turtle that were trapped in a fishing net.

    Reports relayed by Physalus president Dr. Alessandro Ponzo revealed that Mayor Nino Rey Boniel called on the rescuers, belonging to the Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Mammals, for help in freeing a dolphin that got entangled in a fishing net of a certain Alex Auxtero of this town.

    It was Auxtero who informed the mayor of the dolphin that was trapped in his fish net on the night of July 2 somewhere in the seawaters of this town, said the mayor.

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  • Mga Giant Clam Na Inilagay Sa Marine San

    Pagpapahalaga sa Giant Clam or Taklobo sa Bohol.