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  • The Plunge Bohol Philippines

    Boyfriend experience with The Plunge, Bohol, Philippines. 50-meter free fall from the top of the 200-meter high cliff. AWESOME!

  • Jen Takes The Plunge At Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines

    Jen takes "The Plunge" at Danao Adventure Park in Bohol, Philippines. Please check out our other videos, like and subscribe to be notified every time we upload a new video. Thanks!

  • Exploring Deep Inside Dagohoy Cave Philippines

    Another famous bolo-wielding Bohol native is Francisco Dagohoy, who waged the longest revolution in the Philippines for a total of 85 years. He established the Bohol Republic at the height of Spanish rule and kept his insurgency alive inside the cavernous terrain of the town of Danao.

    Jaime makes it to the famous Dagohoy Cave, where she follows the steps of the determined revolutionary through his dark and dangerous subterranean power lair. The opening of the cave is 17 meter high, which allows people to have a glimpse at its crystal-filled passages.

    The passages have a stream that leads ...

  • Danao Adventure Park Bohol Presents Plunge

    My plunge experience in Danao Adventure Park located in the municipality of Danao, Bohol, Philippines.

  • Philippines Danao Adventure Park On Bohol

    All about travelling, adventure, and trip to around the world.

  • Philippines Danao Adventure Park On Bohol

    Discover the Danao Adventure Park with Miss Bohol 2016. Then come yourself to try yourself any or all of the activities offered: skyride, the ziplet, Suislide (Double zipline), The Plunge, Root climbing and rappelling, kayaking on the river and do some caving. Have a nice lunch or even stay overnight in the modestly prices accommodation.

    Songs by Dagun Sa Hoyohoy Band and additional music courtesy of Bensound.com

    Thanks for the support of Mayor Natividad R Gonzaga, Glyssa Bingas Perez (Miss Bohol 2016), Francis Norman F. Sabijon, Lirio O. Vitor & Ma Pedrita C. Vitor, Jane Rio Eroy, Sean ...